Making Visual Agenda in Powerpoint

Today let’s visualize so commonly used “Agenda slide” or “Table of Content”. Why not make it more visual? Check my proposals of visual agenda below. I created them using standard shapes from PowerPoint and infoDiagram’s hand drawn icons.

These sketched like graphics comes from our Scribble Agenda presentation template and icons. But you can use any simple shapes.

Such a visual agenda can be used not only in slides presentations but also books, e-books or longer blog posts.

Examples of creating visual agenda

Here is another alternative visual agenda we designed for our training. This visual shows also timing.

We present more examples in this blog post about infographics like agenda and timeline slide visuals.

How I designed this visualization?

Firstly a brief visualization analysis: agenda shows a process, usually the linear one. A way of showing such a process can be a flow chart or a line. Once you have basic building blocks defined, it’s easy to extend the agenda by new sections. In the end, I would recommend to align centrally all the agenda elements and group them (e.g. using the shortcut in PowerPoint 2007/2010: Ctrl+Shift+G).

Visual agenda can be used also as interesting transition slide or nice progress indicator, as well. Just change its size and highlight a different element, for example, this way:

Further articles on presentation graphics:

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