Where does trust come from? (Seth Godin blog)

After a break I’m back with another example how to create a text visualization, using only PowerPoint tool. Having such simple blog illustration makes the interesting ideas from posts easier to notice and absorb.

As a source, I took another inspirational blog post of marketing guru Seth Godin.

Read Seth’s full blog post here.

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How I designed this visualization diagram?

I practiced here ‘what’ and ‘how’ type of text-to-diagram visualization, following this line of thought

Analysis of source text of Seth Godin blog post to be visualized

  • What are the key elements? The main keyword of a statement from the text (blog post) here is obviously a word ‘trust’. The message around this keyword is built by other keywords “good time” & “easy projects”.
  • Show how are the main elements connected, by linking keywords and adding visuall negation there.
  • Omit details. No need to visualize all information from the text (the second text paragraph). The diagram visualization should not replace the text, but to underline the main message.  Visualization should remain simple, I didn’t want to create an elaborated infographics.
  • What to do with the final statement – a take away from Seth’s post, hmm? Let’s make it stand out, put it in a rectangle or on a sticky note, which is a great visualization element for short core message or quote.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you visualize it differently? Share your comments bellow, I will gladly hear your point of view.

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2 thoughts on “Where does trust come from? (Seth Godin blog)”

  1. I like the idea and the clean design. The thought process is also something worth sharing and learning from you (great idea, thank you). It occurred to me that perhaps picturing the factors without negation would make it a tad stronger (i.e. bad times & difficult projects)? Trust is indeed like something in a box, or a safe… we store it, cherish it. A metaphor?

    Thank you and greetings!

  2. Thanks Lech for suggestion, I'm glad you like the post. Concerning your idea not to omit negation – I like the idea. However when creating diagram, I preferred to do negation visually rather than use negation of words. It shows more controversy IMHO and makes diagram better to remember.

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