Visualization of goals statement

Time for another diagram visualization example.

Last year I was co-organizing a networking event for engineering student organization I used to be part of. We came up with a nice goal statement written in a few sentences. I thought it’d be good to visualize these goals, so they’d be more eye-catching. Here is what I came up with:

Visualization made in PowerPoint, with use of graphical elements

Wouldn’t it be nice if every strategy and mission statement of company or project would be drawn in the simple picture rather than written?

How I designed this visualization diagram?

I used here two types of visualization concepts – “what” and “how related”:

  • In the text, I found two goals and one outcome – those were my “What” elements. I represented them visually as simple ovals and rectangle.
  • The aim of the event was to address both goals, so I made the intersection of those ovals and highlighted it by scribble filling and arrow.
  • I draw the expected outcome of the event as an object on the very right, in the reading direction of the whole diagram. This rectangle and goals intersection is the example of “How related” are the concepts.

No rocket science needed, only fast text analysis and simple drawing. Try it on your project goals, mission or strategy statement. Or challenge me to visualize it :).

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