Scribe visualization: Drop Dead Healthy

When I attended TEDx Warsaw conference, I noticed there a guy drawing simple pictures of every talk. They call it a scribing and it’s another great way to visualize ideas:

I talked to this scribing guy and I am glad he is our guest writer today :).

I welcome Mathieu Spencer. Watch his sketching in action of interesting TedMed talk and check his simple guide to become a sketch noter yourself:
Drop Dead Healthy Skribe from Mathieu Spencer on Vimeo.

Mathieu about How to become a sketchnoter:

First pick the information you want to transcribe. In this example we used a TEDMED talk of A.J. Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me.

Take a piece of paper, put it horizontally, it’s easier on our eyes!

Choose your favorites pens and coloured pencils. An eraser and pencil sharpener can come in handy.

And we are ready to go!

Personally I like to start with the speaker’s name and the subject of his talk. If an image comes to mind I draw it right away.

While watching the video I skribe only the important ideas:

  • using key words, written in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • simple drawings, stick figures are great (“ideas not art” Dan Roam)
  • when possible a diagram conveys a lot of information

When this done, I regroup the ideas with a same theme.

A line, a circle, squares,…what ever you fancy! This is usually when patterns pop out.
Arrows are great to represent them.

Our world is colourful and I’ve noticed it helps me remember, so I add colour.

Last but not least a signature is always fun! :)

If you have any questions on starting your own sketch notes send me an email.

About Mathieu Spencer
First I am a chiropractor, specialized in Musicians’ Health. Chiropractic is a health profession that focuses on diagnosing, preventing and treating disorders of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. It is a hollistic approach to restore the body’s natural balance with our using medication or surgery.
Secondly I am a skribe, using the logical and creative aspects of my brain I transcribe ideas in a visual and communicative way.

I’m a chocolate and Cognac lover! Visit my blog

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