Visualizing Big Data Concepts with Strong and Loose Relation Diagram

Recently I was designing slides on the topic of Big Data Concepts (it’s my other area of interest, after visualizations).

Here’s how I visualized interconnection of related areas to Big Data:

  • 3V or 4V definition of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity. Since all V’s are an important part of the definition, I chose a puzzle illustration. Puzzle visually underlines the strong relationship between elements.

infodiagram of Big Data 4V definition

  • Related technologies to Big Data – Cloud and SaaS. This is a more loose relationship, so I have chosen three separate circles. Arrows show two-way relations (Big Data are often coming from Cloud applications, and databases distributed in the Cloud technologies is used as a storage of gathered Big Data).
infodiagram of Big Data technologies as 3 circles diagram


Here is a full set of slides on Big Data definitions and technologies presentation template I used for these slides.

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