Puzzle Makeover of Speaker Advice Article

When reading an article of a fellow blogger on public speaking (Debbie Fay from BeSpeakPresentations), I thought this is a great place to exercise using an illustration in the blog article.
Debbie wrote about a list of 5 Presentation Don’ts. I would change this list to a set of puzzle shapes (or other simple shapes, e.g. rectangles, circles, or ovals). Here’s my makeover proposal:

Puzzle shapes illustration for public speaking presentations made in PPT
Puzzles illustration of 5 advice for public speaking presentations

You can check Debbie’s blog over here BeSpeakPresentations.

How to draw such an illustration?


Firstly I added a puzzle shape for each of five items (can be also another shape). Different scribble filling represents that each advice item is different.
Then I wrote a negation word ‘Don’t’, and placed it centrally to show it covers all five points.

I hesitated a bit with choosing the shapes. Was the Puzzle shape the best? The puzzle is great for showing strongly related items, where one missing piece causes a breakdown of the whole thing. However, I assume Debbie meant the list as compact one. And I thought that the puzzle shapes look more interesting than simple circles, for example.

Anyway, the puzzles look more unique – what makes the whole illustrated message easier to remember and stand out.

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