Diagram for blog article “How to deliver a customer centric projects?”

Recently I created simple diagram illustration for an interesting article. It was about a customer centric projects approach in project management.

It can sound heavy for a PM outsider, but the message inside is simple – remember it’s about people, not processes.

Here is my visualization:
Customer Centric Projects diagram powepoint illustration by infodiagram
How was this diagram created? Here’s a brief overview of drawing it, may it inspire you :)

  • First we agreed on what was the key message that should be visualized.
  • Then I extracted a visual structure out of the blog article text – identifying two basic diagram structures her:
  • How are the main objects related? You can see a causal diagram sequence here – what’s the first, what the next
  • What the process is composed of? There were two main elements „Service oriented” and „Capturing Value Criteria
  • Finally I drafted diagram illustration showing the outcome of applying those two elements – „Mindset change …”.  I used our hand drawn scribble shapes for that, to give it natural organic look, but in general a default PowerPoint shapes would do, too.

Full article is on LinkedIn “How to deliver a customer centric project?”.

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PS. If you want similar diagram for your articles, let me know, best via infodiagram.com contact webpage.

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