Diagram illustrating product features [user story]

Today I want to share a nice example of how a rather technical topic can be illustrated by a simple diagram.

One of our customers (shareware programmer Peter) was creating a diagram for his webpage. His goal was to show what his software does in one snapshot and to highlight its features. He used only a few of our hand drawn charcoal shapes.

Diagram illustrating what the software product does.

Final publication of the diagram you can see on Peter’s webpage.

Even though this is pretty IT specific example, you can create the same diagram visualizations for other areas. For example, a general in – out process flows.

A brief how-to-draw analysis of this diagram:

  • Firstly Peter identified the main elements of his product: software itself, its inputs and outputs
  • He draw the product – a software – as a simple box
  • Peter placed the external elements outside of the box – inputs of his software such as programming code in C# or Visual Basic accompanies with XML comments
  • He put the product features (what’s happening inside the product) inside the box. In this case, it was a documentation generated in various formats e.g. as HTML or CHM file.

Together the illustration created compact consistent picture presenting what the product does.
Graphical consistency is supported by using only one style (all shapes are in charcoal style, script font used is “Segoe Print”).

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