7 tips for stress free conference or seminar talk [checklist]

Want to deliver your presentation smoothly?
Make sure you follow this checklist and be a stress-free on your conference or seminars.

We’ve put together the list of things you should check out before standing in the front of the crowd.

What to check before presenting at a conference or bigger meeting?


Check logistics with an organizer

  • When and how to provide your presentation file?
  • What computer will be used for running presentations – theirs or yours?
  • What presentation format their computer will support?
  • Will there be a clicker device? Can you use your presentation remote? (it may need to install some drivers before).
  • Will there be a microphone? What kind?
  • When can you check the room?
  • Who will announce you? Shall you provide some information for the person presenting you?

Do final proofreading of your slides

  • Check for mistypes – run spellchecker!
  • See if you have a consistent style
  • Run through all slides in presentation view to see if all slides display correctly.

Backup your presentation file

Save the presentation in several places so if something will go wrong, you will be safe.

  • Export your presentation to PDF file. It will work on most computers Mac or PC, even though it won’t have animations.
  • Save the final presentation files on a separate pen drive (even better to have two of them in your pocket, if one fails).
  • Upload the presentation ts the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, e-mail)

Send the final file to organizers in advance

Definitely not 5 minutes before your talk. In the very worst case in the break before your session. So there is time to tackle any technical problems that may appear.

Check the presentation room

  • Show up early (at least 1 hour before)
  • Check beamer cables
  • Check power outlet
  • Test slides on a projector

Rehearse once again

There is never enough exercise, just not enough time. But go through at least your first 5 minutes of your speech. How will you start your speech? What wording will you use for transitions?

and take a good sleep before!

Have you got anything to add?

Print out this list, to make sure you have not forgotten anything. Ask me for a special printable version. Here’s a Slideshare presentation of the 7 tips, if you prefer this format:

(if you’re on Slideshare, follow my channel Peter from infoDiagram)

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