How to Prepare Professional-Looking Medical Advice Materials

How to Prepare Professional-Looking Medical Advice Materials

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Healthcare and medical advice materials and presentations need to look professional. Professionalism is often synonymous with credibility, especially in healthcare. What do you need to give a credible, professional presentation? What is the secret to creating modern, professional medical resources? The answer to both questions is the same. Utilize sharp, consistent, visually-striking icons and diagrams.

Of course, medical professionals rarely have the time to create striking graphics for presentations or reference materials. The common issues reported to us by professionals in health care are that they lack the skills, software, and time required to make professional icons and diagrams. It makes sense, if you’re on the front lines providing medical care, you likely don’t have the time to devote to creating icons and infographics.

Why are visuals necessary for presentations and medical advice materials? It’s important to avoid overwhelming your audience. Visuals offer a unique shorthand for helping your audience understand your message. Visual metaphors can take many forms, but in almost every case they are less confusing and less complex than detailed tables or bulleted lists.

Take a look at the full Health Care, Medical Biology & Pharma Research Outline Icons set and see how you could put these creative graphics to work for your next resource or presentation.

Anatomy icons are not easy to come by. You may need to give medical advice about numerous diseases or medical issues – don’t spend all the time you have for the project on trying to get sub-par graphics “perfect.”

If you need medical symbols or healthcare diagrams which are razor-sharp and easy to edit, don’t try to make them yourself! Non-graphic designers often struggle to create consistent visuals, and your time would be better spent planning the rest of the resource. Leave the microbiology icons and medical diagrams to professional designers – focus on helping patients with your message! The icons in our set are fully editable using tools already available in PowerPoint.

Creating visuals for information leaflets for patients about healthy lifestyle

Basic Ways to Stay Healthy Infographics Venn Diagram Example

Do you need to create a resource or give a presentation about living a healthy lifestyle? Patients with different health conditions may have different needs to live what is considered “healthy.” For instance, patients who are on dialysis may with to abstain from consuming as much water per day as an average, mostly healthy patient. The good news is that the vector graphics in the Health Care, Medical Biology & Pharma Research Outline Icons set can easily be customized to match your message. That way, no matter what your advice is or who your patients are, you can easily create eye-catching, consistent graphics to accompany your message.

Create educational materials on how to spot a stroke or illustrate another medical advice

Spot a Stroke – Warning Signs Infographics medical advice graphics

Knowing the signs of a stroke can save lives. If you are sharing how your patients and their loved ones can spot a stroke, use compelling graphics. You’ll want the icons to be simple and easy to read so that your audience will learn what they represent, and recall the message later. For many patients the first sign of a stroke is actually having a stroke, so being able to recognize when they are experiencing a stroke would be helpful to ensure they seek help immediately.

Create Coronavirus information materials

Coronavirus Protection diagram  medical advice graphics

Have you been tasked with helping your patients understand and avoid contracting the novel Coronavirus? If so, it’s important your message be understood. Covid-19 has already made a huge worldwide impact. You want to be sure your patients understand what they can do to prevent contracting the disease, and how they can recognize symptoms in themselves and their loved ones. Check our Coronavirus graphics collection to see more slides like above.

No matter what healthcare topic you need to present on, you need to be sure your audience recognizes that you’re a credible source of health information. Whether your audience is for a presentation or they will be reading a flier or pamphlet which contains medical advice, making sure that they can understand and will recall your message is of the utmost importance. Check out the full Health Care, Medical Biology, and Pharma Research Outline Icons set by clicking here:

Health Care, Medical Biology & Pharma Research Outline Icons

You may not be a graphic designer with a perfect understanding of alignment and white space, but with ready-made, minimalist outline icons you can create consistent professional resources and presentations.