Ahoj 🙂

Here’s Peter, one of the infoDiagram.com founders. I run this blog because I love visual communication and I want to inspire you, too. By sharing examples, by showing how simple it is to create a simple diagram illustration.infodiagram_founders_team_peter

I believe using pictures helps a lot in our business or personal communication. Thanks to adding a simple drawing we can avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

Personally, I am passionate about all kinds of visualizations, be it diagrams, schema, or workflows. And I especially appreciate the simple diagrams. Professionally I was involved also in predictive data analytics, graphic design, and soft-skills training (delivering training and designing training systems for the Europe-wide organization BEST). You can read my motivation story in this LinkedIn article.

Today we have a great team of creative designers and back-office people that are working on providing new graphics people can reuse to make strong visual presentations.

Feel free to contact me via the infodiagram.com contact page or drop me a message on LinkedIn.