Do diagrams & visual slides yourself!

Want to make your own visualizations? It’s not hard, having only PowerPoint (or Google Slides or Keynote), you can do a lot yourself.

I suggest you follow those steps:

A. Analyze what information blocks are there:

  1. a ordered sequence of steps, timeline or procedure?
  2. list of items (without special order)?
  3. a certain structure or hierarchy?
  4. a cycle or repeating steps?

B. Draft a visual representation of your information blocks:

  1. flow chart, stairs diagram, timeline arrow
  2. list diagrams (in 1 column or row, centered around 1 main item, random location)
  3. pyramid diagrams, org charts trees
  4. loop or circular process

C. Recreate your visualization

You can do it in a PowerPoint using standard shapes. Keep basic design rules to be readable:

  1. clear reading flow. Reader must know where to start and continue reading the diagram
  2. have enough whitespace – slide margin, don’t put elements too close to each other
  3. be consistent – use limited number of colors, fonts, the same type of graphical style and icons.
  4. align object vertically and horizontally. Distribute them equally (see presentation below about diagram mistakes to avoid)

Need a help? Contact us and we will gladly assist you by advice or by providing you slide graphics resources:

Not sure yet? Try it out. Grab there a free hand drawn shapes to try how it is to work with our icons.

Visualization Guides

How to change text to diagram:

Mistakes to avoid in diagrams:

Peter Zvirinsky
diagram designer & infoDiagram founder