Frequently Asked Questions

Check the most common questions people have about infoDiagram. See if your issue isn’t addressed here already. If not, do contact us here, we’ll do our best to help, however, it can take 1-2 working days.

I paid but didn’t get the files. How to download them?

After the successful payment, you should have been redirected to the download page. If this didn’t happen, give it a few minutes, check also your email, after each successful purchase we send an email with a download link.

I cannot pay with card, my card payment is refused.

Please reload the page and try using a different browser.

Check if you don’t have a blockage on the internet payment. Some cards require additional confirmation from you.

Alternatively, try other credit cards. Generally, we accept all main credit cards Amex, Visa, Maestro.

Do I have the right to use freely diagrams from your page?  What I can do with purchased diagrams?

Yes, you can freely use the diagrams you have purchased. Add them to your presentation, publish them in blogs or other materials. You can edit shapes, change colors, add or delete objects. Anything to fit diagrams to your needs. You cannot sell the diagrams further. You are not allowed to pass diagrams out of the company/institution that purchased it.

If we are speaking about not-purchased diagrams, available for free viewing on our webpage, then you can use them to build your understanding, we encourage you to explore associated Know-how resources. However, you are not allowed to publish it, edit it, delete the watermark.

Can I export diagrams for my blog?

Yes, edit diagrams for your needs and then export from PPT to PNG and save them as a picture.

Can I edit the content of infoDiagram graphics?

Yes, this is the main benefit of the offered diagrams. So go and change colors, shapes, adapt them to your needs.

I want to write a book. Would using infoDiagram icons in the book be allowed?

Congratulation on Your writing initiative. Yes, you can use the icons also for the book (assuming it’s not an open format, where icons can be extracted from – e.g. PowerPoint format. If the book will be printed or PDF, then it’s ok to use them).

PS. You may consider giving some extras to your book readers, contact us to discuss discounts for your readers’ community.