Every business presentation should start with a diagram

Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Anastasia

Have you ever been to a conference, where you felt lost in the presentation?

I experienced many such situations. The worst was IT conferences – speakers there usually present some new cool application. Most of the speech a speaker talks about all the magic features their software offers. However often I missed one thing – what the hell was their application good for?

I think every product presentation, every ‘Problem and Solution’ speech would benefit by having a simple diagram at the first presentation slide – diagram showing:

  • Where we are today – describe a specific problem
  • Where we want to be – a goal state (specific please, not a general one like ‘We save you money and time’)

Just then tell about your fancy solution.

Here’s an example of how I’d draw a diagram for ‘Problem and Solution’ presentation:

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PS. If you find those slides handy for you, I’ll gladly share the editable PowerPoint version 
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