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Illustrating Strategy in a Presentation [How to visualize a concept]

A strategy is a common topic I often see in company presentations of all kind. Typically those are business plans, board presentations or investor pitches. The strategy defines general actions over the course of several years. The challenge is how to quickly and neatly make a strategy illustration in your document? What image to choose?

Got stuck with finding best picture for your slide? Here’s a help. We’re starting a new blog section.  Share your visualization challenge in comments and we propose you several ideas how you can illustrate your concept on a slide. Use these ideas to enrich your slide texts or charts.

So how to illustrate strategy concept on a slide or other type of document? Especially if you don’t have much space left?

You can use the pictogram symbol that is associated with the notion of planning a future, planning your actions over the next few months or years.

Visual metaphors to consider for Strategy illustration

Think of typical strategy game such as chess or drawings of a football strategy . Alternatively think of setting direction idea – having a vision and a goal, using compass, crossroad direction arrows etc.

Style neutral strategy symbols

See some ideas from our simple modern flat icons library. These symbols are great for neutral look slides. They are also good to use them as very small symbols:

modern strategy illustration icons ppt flat

Strategy symbols that look personal and unique

Alternative style to consider – hand drawn strategy symbols. This style is good to introduce uniqueness in your slides. So go for this option of you want to be less formal, if you want to underline human touch in your presentation. Scribbled pictures express personal touch:

scribble strategy illustration vector icons ppt handdrawn

In case you have more space in presentation, you can add a big strategy roadmap picture to a full slide.

roadmap strategy diagram_template powerpoint


Do you have another idea you want to illustrate in your document?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear back from you.

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2 thoughts on “Illustrating Strategy in a Presentation [How to visualize a concept]”

  1. Robert, thanks for your question. To distinguish short-term and long-term strategy you can:
    1. Choose icons that are more associated with short or long term planning – e.g. footbal crosses/circles or chess rock figure represent rather shorter time frame, than a binocular, map or compass symbols.
    2. Write it directly under the icon – add a small rectangle under the icon and write a time scope e.g. “next months” or “3 year plan” or word “long-term” in it.
    To keep consistency with the icons, make this rectangle in the same color as the icon e.g. this dark violet and the text white.
    Would that fit you? Any other ideas?

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