Creative Ideas for Illustrating Scrum Process in PowerPoint

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Are you managing a project in IT, automotive, or other similar domains? If you do, you know that presenting such complex topics can be a challenge. In this blog, we would like to share a few tips that can help you. 🙂

Scrum is represented by one main process flowchart diagram. Due to that, I fell in love with it at first sight :), you know I am a fan of diagrams. Thanks to this simple visualization, you can see what’s the Scrum process about on the first look. You see two loops there and you know it’s about iterations.

Remark: You can get all the diagrams and icons from Scrum Know-How Presentation Visuals.

However, the full Scrum approach can be a pretty formal process to implement, especially if you are working for a bigger corporation. That motivated us to create more personal, human-friendly graphics for presenting the Scrum process. And it looks like people appreciated it. As one of our clients put it – it helps to explain and present the Scrum approach as “something a little casual and not overly formal”.

Below, we presented a bunch of presentation examples that can help you to visualize a scrum process on your slide.

1. Visualize Current Project

We propose to start your scrum process presentation with a current project slide.  A creative round diagram with scribble icons will help to avoid extra data and catch the attention of your listeners.

2. Use Vivid Graphics for Illustrating Scrum Process

3. Define Roles for all Members of the Project

As you can notice, all elements are editable, so you’re free to change icon colors, and size, and add your own text.

Resources: Scrum Know-How Presentation Visuals

This visual template contains charts, diagrams, and icons editable in PowerPoint. Explain Scrum and create this Agile methodology tutorial guide using graphics to present an overview and basic Scrum processes and artifacts.

  • Scrum meetings checklists,
  • Niko-Niko calendar template,
  • Stacey landscape diagram of project complexity,
  • Planning Poker Scrum technique,
  • Agile approach history and the essence of this method –
  • the essence of this method – the full Scrum flowchart diagram.

This Scrum Knowhow presentation is an extension of our basic Scrum icons toolbox – which serves as a symbol base.

Both Scrum presentations were designed with the help of one of our contributors, Sebastian from Germany. Sebastian is using and teaching Scrum in various automotive projects.

To see our graphics in action, check out these simple steps to design an engaging presentation (follow our SlideShare channel to get more creative ideas 🙂 ):

If you want to try how is it like to work with such hand-drawn editable PPT visual icons, get our free Creative slide design guide with some sample icons.

If you like the icons and example chart above, you can download the symbols collection here:

Scrum Know-How Presentation Visuals

Should you need help with choosing or using the PowerPoint graphics, let us know here. We will gladly assist.

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  1. Thanks for an icon idea. Actually you can create various product symbols using the icon we have (a box with scribble filling). Just change the color of the scribble filling and you will get several new icons – e.g. red, blue, green … box. Or you can write some letter inside the box to get Product A, B, C…. Hope this helps.

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