4 Presentation Uses for Healthcare Graphics

Who can benefit from presentations in the medical field? Nurses and doctors, pharmacists and medical administrators – they all have colleagues and coworkers who could benefit from further training or additional knowledge.

healthcare graphics Medical Pharmaceuticals ppt

Whether you work in a hospital medical practice, medical transport office, pharmacy, or assisted living facility – giving presentations can be easy and engaging with the right imagery.

Source note: The graphics featured in this post are from infoDiagram’s Healthcare PPT Template. For more information and examples, click on any of the pictures.

Here are a few examples of how healthcare graphics can make you a more effective communicator.

Case 1: Educating Patients

Presentations for patients – these presentations can be given by nurses or doctors and can be on a wide array of medical topics. Do you need some ideas for resources to share? There are many different things to discuss, such as different types of accidents that could affect the patients/prospects or the injury locations and methods which are common to your demographic.

Other ideas for educational patient materials:

  • You can explain medical visits, consults, and the procedure for having e-visits.
  • Provide specific illnesses – offer facts or risk factors.
  • You could also offer recommendations for how to avoid certain health issues, causes of death, or how illnesses or injuries affect body parts and organs.
  • Another way to utilize presentations for the better of your patients would be offering the health benefits of certain foods, habits, exercises, or products and services.

healthcare graphics Medical Pharmaceuticals chart ppt

This slide shows the health benefits of stopping smoking. It breaks down health benefits from 5 days to 5 years and looks at different senses and organs – great resources for patients.

healthcare graphics Medical Pharmaceuticals heart attack facts ppt

This slide shares useful facts about heart attacks. You can create similar slides for virtually any health issue.

healthcare graphics Medical Pharmaceuticals diagrams

These slides offer several more examples of health concerns and ways to present them. These educational medical slides share information about kidney disease, alcohol poisoning, and air pollution mortality.

Case 2: Healthcare Staff Training

If you choose to present to your staff you can save time and resources which might otherwise be used on physical, printed manuals to train them on operating procedures and policies.

You can also share resources with staff through presentations – the perfect accompaniment to staff meetings. Think of the many instances where you need to share information or complete training. Those efforts could all be improved with presentations and engaging imagery.

healthcare graphics Information sources for Diagnosis chart

This slide highlights different sources for diagnosis. This visually engaging slide is much more effective than a list.

Case 3: Teaching Medical Courses

Those who teach courses in healthcare or medical topics can benefit from healthcare graphics. Visual aids can be helpful for translating complicated topics and concepts. They can also help by making content easier to remember.

Would you benefit from teaching getting easier? Who wouldn’t want to be more engaged?

healthcare graphics Medical Pharmaceuticals ppt graphics chart

This medical training slide shares details about the frequency of different injuries. You can create many different, similarly themed slides for any number of injuries or illnesses.

Case 4: Presenting New Medical Tech

Companies working in healthcare can share solutions easily with proper graphics. Whether you offer trendy wearable tech or IT systems which support telemedicine, you can benefit from illustrations and visuals.

healthcare graphics Medical Pharmaceuticals powerpoint

These slides break down the differences between Telehealth and Tele-medicine, as well as the different ways to classify medical visits and consultations. These simple diagrams show divisions visually and are more dynamic than lists or tables.

How Will You Use Healthcare Graphics?

Many fields can benefit from presentations, whether you’re sharing information or teaching new skills, graphics can improve your efforts. Are you working on a healthcare project? We would love to see how you implement the different images we have to offer.

Resources: Medical Icons for Presentations

We created a consistent collection of PowerPoint icons to help you create visual representations of your ideas and healthcare topics. Check out the full collection here, and visualize how you can bring your presentations to life.

Healthcare Medical and Pharmaceuticals Graphics

If you aren’t sure of which graphics to use or how to best implement imagery, drop us a line – we’d love to help!

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