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Present Decision-making Process Creatively With a Decision Tree Diagram

Need to present a business decision process, illustrate a legal procedure or show the decision logic in an expert system answering human questions?

Consider using a decision tree diagram in your presentation to express visually your decision flow. See examples we’ve collected on how you can illustrate decision-making with creative flowcharts.

Note: All example images below can be found in the collection Decision Tree Diagrams Collection PPT Template (see details by clicking the pictures).

Why use tree diagrams to present decision flow?

Using tree diagram visuals helps to express your decision flow in a clear way. Therefore it becomes much easier to understand. The human brain processes visual information faster than text or verbal one.

Drawing such a decision diagram is not a complex thing to do. It also gives you the freedom to easily modify decision flow, add explanations or illustrate specific decision points.

What is a decision tree diagram?

A decision tree diagram is any visual representation of the decision-making process. You start from the root node (usually the very top one, in the case of a horizontal tree diagram) and you continue to illustrate potential decision-making points by tree branches.

decision tree horizontal vertical ppt

Each branch is assigned a decision attribute e.g. discrete states such as Yes / No questions, Married / Single marital status, or Occupation type.  Decision criteria can be also a numerical value (age, score, fraud likelihood, risk level).

decision tree data values powerpoiint

The tree finished with the final state – leave with no sub-branches. Such end-decision class represents Approved / Rejected statement in a credit scoring context or other types of actions.

Examples of decision processes creative visualizations

Flat graphics Client Grouping Tree

To illustrate financial credit application evaluation we created a simple and modern flat design.

You can rather easily try to recreate a similar tree using basic PowerPoint shapes with some little graphical additions (such as contours and icons).  The key to keeping the professional look of the diagram is to remember the alignment of all shapes and don’t stuff too much inside the slide. Have enough whitespace around nodes and the whole tree diagram.

decision tree client segmentation diagram

Creative Sketched Customer Segmentation Tree

We created a decision tree explaining how a company creates customer sub-segments based on customer demographics data such as marital status, gender, and family size.  Such segmentation helps to address specific clients group better with more appropriate products or marketing messages.

creative decision tree diagram customer segmentation

To give it a creative look, we used hand-drawn shapes for tree notes and arrows. Additionally, we used color coding for each decision level and added scribble icons to improve the readability of the whole decision chart.

Similar decision trees are used for classification tasks in analytical processing, Machine Learning algorithms.

Surprise the audience with negative color slides

To make your decision chart stand out, consider using a dark background and white tree diagrams, as below.

decision tree outline dark version ppt

Resources: Decision Trees Graphics  for PowerPoint

To help you design such diagrams either in creative style or modern simple flat graphics, we have created a collection of editable Tree Diagrams for PPT Graphics. You can find there a dozen diagram charts, creative shapes, and symbols to illustrate decision attributes.

Decision Tree PPT Diagrams

If you need to extend the symbols set, check the wider Flat Icons Library with over 380 creative symbols.

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