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Use Modern Graphics to Teach Six Sigma and DMAIC

The Six Sigma framework was developed in the 80s by Motorola. The goal was to create a system for quality improvement. Conveying things like the main principle of Six Sigma is to work on decreasing defects in the production process. The goal is to get defects to a level which is not statistically significant. Six Sigma represents a very low probability of event occurrence.

Explaining how to create a Six Sigma system can be challenging. DMAIC represents the improvement process cycle. Of course just explaining the concepts and breaking down the meaning of the acronym are often not enough. By using creative graphics you can provide detailed explanations which aren’t overwhelming for your audience.

Note: All example slides below are accessible in Six Sigma Presentation DMAIC PPT Diagrams  (see details by clicking the pictures).

Offer Detailed Descriptions of Unfamiliar or Technical Terms

Six Sigma PowerPoint definition

If you’re explaining Six Sigma or DMAIC to individuals who have little or no background with either one, you should expect to define many terms. By spelling out exactly what it is that you’re discussing you can make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, providing a visual definition rather than simply reading it aloud, you can better hold your audience’s attention.

Answer Questions with Graphics

Six Sigma PowerPoint concept questions

There are multiple ways to put this slide to use. One is to explain the questions which make up DMAIC. These are the common questions which occur in most situations requiring six sigma. Another option is to offer explanations for questions you expect your audience would have. These can be questions about how Six Sigma is beneficial, why it’s worth the effort, or how it can be best utilized.

Explain the Mathematical Elements of Six Sigma

Six Sigma PowerPoint statistical distribution
Six Sigma PowerPoint distribution diagram

If there is one aspect of Six Sigma framework that is likely to be misunderstood, it’s breaking down the mathematical side. Helping others to understand the statistical distribution and how statistical significance or statistical insignificance factor into Six Sigma is arguably the most important, and challenging part of presenting these topics.

Showcase the DMAIC Problem Solving Workflow

Six Sigma PowerPoint DMAIC problem-solving workflow

Highlight and explain the different steps of DMAIC workflow. You can change the colors of each step to match your branding, project, or other significant aspects of your presentation. You can add icons, as illustrated here, to make each step more relatable for your audience. You can use this for specific examples or general concepts.

Explain the Lean Six Sigma Methodology Flow Chart

Six Sigma PowerPoint Methodology Flow Chart

If you want your audience to understand how Six Sigma works on a practical, functional level you should consider utilizing a flow chart. Although the above example is relatively sparse, you could easily dedicate one slide to showing the process and another to explaining how the process would function in your department or for your audience. Use real examples from their real-life workflow to populate your slide. This will make your presentation relatable and easier to understand.

By defining difficult concepts, answering questions with helpful visuals, detailing mathematical elements, and showing real-life uses of the process you can successfully explain and make a compelling argument for Six Sigma and DMAIC.

Resource: Six Sigma Presentation DMAIC Diagrams

Using the modern graphics set you can effectively define and explain principles of Six Sigma. You may also demonstrate how Six Sigma and DMAIC can help your audience in day to day life. This will make a compelling argument for the framework and help solidify its utility. You can explain the basics or a detailed plan of action.

If you find the above examples useful or helpful you can down the full slide deck here.

Six Sigma PPT DMAIC Diagrams

You can also download the infographics collection for more presentation graphic variety.

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