Explain Assembly Processes and Hierarchies with Creative Crane Graphics and Diagrams

Explain Assembly Processes and Hierarchies with Creative Crane Graphics

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Creating visuals for abstract ideas is challenging. Do you wish you could present more cohesively? If you’ve struggled to illustrate the transition between tasks “to do” and those which are done, crane graphics and diagrams may be what you need.

Using Crane Diagrams as an interesting metaphor

“To do” versus “done” is just one of the ways to utilize crane graphics. Lists, pyramid hierarchies, explaining trade exchange and import/export logistics are all things you can present with cranes.

Instead of using boring lists, charts, or tables use crane diagrams that have a higher impact. Improve your PowerPoint presentations with creative crane PPT graphics.

Presenting how ‘to do’ becomes ‘done’ with the help of crane graphics

Stack Moving Process Illustration “From Pile A to Pile B”

Communicating processes visually is difficult. Coming up with metaphors for actions and presenting them in an appealing way. In this example, a to-do list could be shown as a process. Provide details for each necessary step. Add appropriate headers and descriptions and customize each item on the list (represented by containers) with relevant icons.

Visualize collaboration on a slide

Cooperation - Two Joint Forces Building The Common Idea  Crane Graphics with 6 Components

How would you create a slide to represent teamwork? Although working together toward a goal is a common idea, it isn’t easy to present. Cranes are great to use as metaphors. They visually represent two teammates working together toward a common goal. You can customize the text and icons to represent whatever tasks your collaborators need to accomplish.

Present management skills with a pyramid visual

Example Illustration: Management Skills Pyramid

What skills make an effective leader? What skills are necessary to succeed in a given position in your organization? Show your audience. The crane is a visual metaphor for the candidate. It represents them and the hard work they need to do if they want to succeed.

Present piling up processes or hierarchy levels with stockpile crane graphics

Stock Pile Diagram crane graphics – 5 Layers

Hierarchies and organizational structure levels can be presented with pyramid-shaped stockpile diagrams. The crane builds up the whole structure piece by piece. You can use these simple, modern crane graphics and layers to build beautiful imagery.

Describe the integral composition of elements

Elements Crucial for a Good Company Website Container Infographics Template

A stack of shipping containers can be used to represent the essential elements of a project or plan. The example shows the elements which are essential for a good company website. Each container represents a different component. The colors, icons, and descriptions can be customized so that you’re communicating a full idea to your audience.

Crane graphics are modern, sleek, and minimalist and can help you convey many ideas effectively.

Resource: Creative Crane Graphics

Put your ideas together in easy to follow, easy to explain ways. Avoid giving repetitive presentations by coming up with new ideas and using unique imagery. The Crane PowerPoint graphics set features numerous creative diagrams. Articulate your plans clearly with powerful visual metaphors:

Construction Crane PPT Graphics

Extend the utility by adding icons to customize your presentation.

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