Use Eye-Catching Gauge Charts for KPI Presentations

Use Eye-Catching Gauge Charts for KPI Presentations

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Has your company or team achieved a goal or reached a key progress indicator? How might you present such an abstract concept? Speedometer gauge charts make a perfect visual aid.

Speedometer Gauges can showcase your achievements

Illustrate how your team or organization performed. Did you end up below, at, or beyond the desired level?

Show your performance level with visuals you won’t need to explain. Your audience is familiar with speedometers. Use Gauge Charts for PowerPoint and you can focus on presenting your data.

Compare multiple performance indicators on one slide

Three Performance Index Comparison gauge charts

Need to compare the performance of multiple teams on the same performance indicator? Need to present several performance indicators for one team? Both of these scenarios are possible. Use multiple speedometer graphics on one slide. Customize the gauge graphics to represent the data, and then incorporate icons, titles, and descriptions to help your audience follow along.

Compare indicators with 4 possible performance levels with gauge charts

Dashboard Gauges Comparing 4 Areas

Sometimes performance is more than just a 3 tier gradient from bad to good. Sometimes to achieve a goal, things need to go just right. If you need to share those results, you might be tempted to incorporate boring charts or tables with data. See how much more interesting the dashboard of gauges above is? Keep your audience focused and attentive with modern visuals.

Present overall company performance by describing departments on a single KPI

Business Performance Meters Dashboard

Overall, is your company achieving its goals? Are your staff performing at the level you expect? Regardless of how you answer those questions, you can paint a company-wide picture with a business performance meter dashboard. Are most of your divisions performing well? When you use a dashboard of thermometer graphics it will be obvious just how much work there is to do. Complex data analysis can be performed at a glance.

Use temperature meter indicators

Comparing 3 KPIs – Temperature Meter Indicators gauge charts

Does your key progress index have a large margin of error? Consider using a temperature gauge. Just as industrial machinery might have a small threshold for acceptable operating temperatures, your goals might have a limited range of acceptable performance. Add a label and description to each box to provide more context so that your verbal explanation more clear.

Present the status of completion with a speedometer

Project Goal Completion Speedometer gauge chart

Goal completion isn’t always a sprint, and it doesn’t always need to be presented in pass/fail terms. In this example, you see how you can present your goals or key index performance as a percentage of completion. In the description box, you can provide details about the progress you’ve made, the steps it took to get there, and what your plans are to achieve the remainder of the goal.

Gauge charts are easy to use and easy to understand

Ready-made gauge graphics are simple to customize and use. Since audiences already are familiar with and know how to read speedometers and other gauges, you can save your explanations for your analysis of the findings.

Resource: Gauge Charts for KPI Dashboards

Impactful, beautiful gauge charts can be modified by editing the underlying Excel chart. For the few graphics in this slide deck which doesn’t populate from Excel data, you can customize them with the usual PowerPoint tools. Adding an icon or adding additional commentary next to the gauge will help you further explain your KPIs:

Gauge PPT Charts for KPI Dashboards

Communicating full ideas with graphics is easier when they’re simple and user-friendly. Put your ideas together simply, and add details by adding supplementary icons or a different style of graphics from our diagrams and charts collection.

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