Make Impactful Presentations with Playing Card Graphics

Make Impactful Presentations with Playing Card Graphics

Playing cards are an easily recognized symbol. Whether you’re using the cards laid flat to represent 4 unique elements or as a hand of cards metaphor, playing card graphics can be very effective. Using graphics to remind your audience of feelings or abstract concepts can save you from additional explanation.

Ways to use Playing Card Graphics

Playing cards are great for illustrating risk or luck. Why? Most people already associate them with those things Card graphics can also add some playfulness to your presentation. We can’t be serious all the time!

Need to illustrate a variety of options? Using card values, colors and suits will make it easier. To see the full Playing Cards Graphics for PowerPoint, click here.

Rather than relying on individual cards, you can also use card stacks or piles for more evocative visuals.

List 4 elements using playing card graphics

Playing Cards Diagram – List of 4 Elements
Playing Cards Deck – List of 4 Fixed Elements

Using cards with headers, icons and descriptions are more interesting than a bland, default table. Playing card graphics can be customized with colors and feature any value you’d like. You can incorporate lists or a table if you would like, as in the second example.

Use classical french suit playing card graphics

Classical French Suit Playing Cards Types Graphics

Classic French Suit playing cards use Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. You can also use Jokers to represent an additional category. Because this style of card is easily recognized and synonymous with gambling, games of chance, and risk, you can use the graphics as visual shorthand. Bring those things to your audience’s mind before you say a word.

Use a poker hand as a metaphor

Poker Set – Gamification Visual Metaphor Illustration

Do you need to illustrate teamwork, having resources together, or a plan coming to fruition? These are just some of the ways we’ve found to utilize poker hand graphics like this one. Provide any additional explanation or description you might need to the description box. Don’t forget to add a catchy header!

Use a card switching or shuffling diagrams

Switching Cards TemplateSwitch Process or Guess Illustration
Shuffle Cards GraphicsUnknown, Random Act Illustration

Can you use playing card graphics to represent a process or course of action? Yes! Diagrams like this one can be used to represent switching between steps of a process or guessing which action to take next. If you’re presenting your audience with a choice of options, this type of graphic can help them visualize the decision. If you’d like to provide supplementary information about each of the options, the text boxes provide space for headers and additional details.

Use a pyramid of cards to explain your point

Playing Cards Pyramid Diagram – 6 Elements Template

A house or pyramid of cards is easy to recognize the shape. If you need to explain how different departments within your organization must work together to reach a common goal – a house of cards diagram would serve you well. If you wanted to explain how different elements of a sales strategy support your overall success, a card pyramid would also work well. Customize each card with a relevant icon, and supplement your presentation speech with additional description.

Explain Business Risk and Provide Visual Lists

We created the Playing Cards Presentation Graphics set to give you an engaging alternative to dull bullet-point lists and simple tables, so you can create compelling visuals yourself. We know you want to have eye-catching presentations that your audience can follow and understand.

Resource: Playing Cards Presentation Graphics

You can articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely if the visuals on your PowerPoint presentation align with what you’re trying to express. You’ll give more impactful presentations if you can focus on what you need to say, rather than trying to explain it. Using visual metaphors and visual shorthand will help save you some time and will make your presentations easier for your audience to follow.

See the full Playing Card Graphics set and get inspired to build more cohesive, visually appealing presentations:

Playing Cards Presentation Graphics

If you’d like to customize your presentation with more specific icons or graphics, check out the ultimate infographics bundle, which contains 225 various diagrams for your choice.

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