Using Head and Brain PowerPoint Graphics to Present Creative Thinking

If you are looking to present topics related to creativity, the human mind, or the thinking process appealingly, then the editable PPT template for the creative head and brain graphics is for you. You can use it in many different ways, check our blog to see the examples.

Get your hands on the editable Creative Brain and Head Outline Infographics by simply clicking on the pictures to get and use these layouts.

Using the Power of Head and Brain visual metaphor

The layout allows you to display the human head/brain with illustrations when it is going through the thinking process, creativity, and a lot more. It enables you to show the date with the help of visuals rather than just a block of text or bullet points.

You can use graphical diagrams to emphasize the key points. The infographic style has a modest touch which enhances the importance of your point rather than overshadowing it.

Let’s go through the examples to see how you can leverage the creative brain and head outline infographics to present your point-of-view impeccably.

Present Mind Map Areas as Human Brains Visual

The layout above gives you a complete design where you can visualize the list of items illustrated as human brain segments. This can be a good visual metaphor to use if you are about to present a set of creative areas. Each area can be represented by a brain part with distinctive colors and icons related to that specific area.

Human Brain Illustration with 4 Areas head and brain graphics

Show the Buyer’s Persona Characteristics Traits

Tell what is going on in the mind of the buyer with the help of this slide template. The different icons and the graphics enable you to tell about the multiple points regarding the concepts of the buyer’s persona and how you can explain them.

Concept of Buyer Persona Infographics

Use the Listicle Form to Display the Levels with Human’s Head Infographic

Here is another example showing the lists where you can add the different layers or the steps of the human thinking process. You can open up your creativity and use this layout to replace any ordered list or procedure.

Human Head Outline Layer Diagram – 5 Levels head and brain graphics

Case study of Slide Redesign Using Head & Brain PPT Graphics

Let us show you how an ordinary slide comparing two bullet-point sets can be redesigned into a more attractive visual slide. We use the metaphor of the brain to represent creative and critical thinking attributes lists. Here is the step-by-step guide to the slide makeover process.

before-after head and brain infographics redesign

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your content is clear enough so the reader can see the crucial points.

After, plan enough spacing between the content and the graphic elements so that it makes your slides readable.

guide on how to transform the boring list slide into a stylish infographic step 2

One of the things you can do to differentiate between the elements on the slide is through color coding. Here notice how we used the same yellow and blue color for the list headline and also for brain graphics. It makes the presentation look consistent and easier to read.

guide on how to transform the boring list slide into a stylish infographic step 3

Use the different design elements such as lines and icons to enrich the infographic. We used an icon of color palette to illustrate Creative Thinking and Gears icon for the Critical Thinking list.

guide on how to transform the boring list slide into a stylish infographic step 4

Summarizing the Best Ways to Express Creative Thinking

You could see several examples of how one could use the idea of a creative brain and head illustration to present various topics related to creative thinking.

It will help you present the message with aesthetic and appealing infographics. Consider using this brain metaphor in your next presentation, to make it more visual.

Resource: Creative Brain and Head Outline Infographics

The creative brain and head outline infographics in this blog are available for download in our infoDiagram collection of presentation graphics. It has a variety of templates to show brain elements. Want to look at the full deck? Then, click on the link below:

Creative Brain and Head Outline PPT Infographics

Moreover, you can extend the deck with a universal set of elegant outline style diagrams right here with different graphics, styles, and a lot more.