How to Illustrate HR Administration Process and Payroll with PowerPoint Graphics

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Are you about to present a company’s compensation and benefits scheme in your organization or to any external audience? Or do you need to explain the processes of your compensations and benefits policies to your employees or key stakeholders? We are sure that the clear PowerPoint deck with HR administration process templates will be helpful. Let’s see how you can get inspired with graphic diagrams dedicated to that topic.

We prepared a few examples of topics included in the HR administration process and payroll area, where fresh and clear designed slides can help you to express your information effectively: 

  • Term Definition of Administration in Human Resources
  • List of 9 areas in HR Administration
  • Compensation and Benefits Management Hierarchy
  • Salary Determination Process
  • Stages of Payroll Process

Get all the graphics presented here – click on the slide pictures to see and download the source illustration. Check the full Payroll, Compensation, HR Admin Process Diagrams PowerPoint slide deck here.

What is an HR Administration Process?

Human Resources administration plays a critical role in each company or organization. It is a part of the overall management of employment experience and includes such areas as compensation and fringe benefits, payroll, personnel records management, guidelines & policies handling, and more.

Explain the Term Definition of Administration in Human Resources

When you want to present such a longer-term description on a slide, it’s good to place it into some interesting design, but not with too strong graphics. The goal is to let your audience read the sentence, not be distracted by other elements. , which is simply symbolized below with two speech bubbles in the blue circle icon. Also, the content of the definition is written on a gray background and separated by a blue vertical line. Those actions created a graphic style that is easy to read and to recognize that the slide contains the definition.


Enlist 9 areas in the HR Administration Process with Visual Form

The below slide gives you an example of how you could present HR administration process areas which are:

  • Labor Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Mission and Vision
  • Taxes
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Document Management
  • Health Insurance
  • Statutes
  • Payroll

You can present all this information on one concise slide, and what’s more, it’s not needed to use a typical number list or bullet points. Each point from the list can be replaced with a shape. On the slide below I’m presenting a shape of a folder/catalog which intuitively associates with storing information or documents.


Pay attention to the icons. Each of the nine areas has an assigned own icon, which is helping to visualize the content of that area eg. Labor Law has a symbol of scale. Well-chosen icons can express much more than hundreds of words.

Finally, we enriched shapes with various colors and some design touches. Such a graphical way of presenting points from the list is much more attractive and easier to remember for your audience than a typical numbered text box.

Visualize the Compensation and Benefits Management Hierarchy

If you need to present the compensation and benefits management hierarchy, use diagramming format. Get inspired by the slide below. It has a very modern and fresh look, what’s more at the same time is easy to understand. And that’s the main idea of presenting content in a graphical way. 

The slide contains such points as Protection Programs, Pay for Time Not Worked, Services and Perquisites, Base Pay, Merit Pay, Incentive Pay, and Deferred Pay, sorted by colors for two groups. Color coding helps to arrange the content. The slide full of text is intelligible and has a clear division for the left and the right.


Let’s take a look at the structure. We used soft shapes with rounded corners and circles, each level of the hierarchy has a different shape, also the colors become lighter. Such exertion clarifies the hierarchy for 3 levels.

Present Salary Determination Process with a Waterfall Chart

If you are about to present the Salary Determination Process, use also visual form instead of plain bullets list. Such an HR administration process can be a series of 5 steps: 

  • Job Description
  • Job Evaluation
  • Salary Survey and Analysis
  • Salary Structure
  • Salary Payments

There are two main things with designing that slide, namely the waterfall structure and icons corresponding with the topic of each level. Let’s develop it a bit. 

We designed the stairs steps structure with rectangles (a simple shape in PowerPoint). Each rectangle symbolizes the next step of the whole process of Salary Determination. To make them easy to recognize we marked them with a unique color and added suitable icons. Everything is set in the middle of the slide so there’s space left for description and content text development.


Illustrate Payroll Process on a Slide with the Dark Background

In most cases, the content on the dark background might be tiring for the eyes to read. But among many slides in the presentation, it’s good to have a distinguished one. Placing the content on the dark background makes the slide more elegant and gives a refined touch. Such a background also highlights the lighter-colored elements, yellow, green, and blue seems to be more vivid compared with slides with a white background.

The payroll process is divided into three stages, and each stage contains its own steps. We’re presenting it on a simple flowchart where each stage and every step has clearly set out a border. To help to follow the whole process we added linking arrows and small content corresponding icons.


Concluding the Effective Way of Presenting an HR Administration Process and Payroll Topics

To present your content and information from HR Admin and Payroll areas in an attractive and easy-to-digest way, I suggest using graphical forms of typical PowerPoint slides like visual forms of number lists, hierarchy diagram for Compensation and Benefits Management, waterfall flowchart for Salary Determination Process or dark background slide for Payroll Process.

With basic design rules such as consistent style of icons and colors, not overloading the slide with content, and the use of graphical symbols, you can make a stunning presentation and overall impression.

Resource: Payroll, Compensation, HR Administration Process Diagrams PowerPoint Template

The examples presented above used the graphics from a PowerPoint template on the topic of HR Administration Process and Payroll. All slides were designed to help present HR topics in a more effective and visual way. Such prepared slides also save your time in creating the same from scratch. If you enjoy reading our post and like the designs we prepared, check the whole presentation or single slides in the infoDiagram collection under the following link.

Payroll, Compensation, HR Admin Process PPT Diagrams

In addition, you can extend the deck with a universal set of elegant outline style diagrams right here with different graphics, styles, and a lot more.

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