infoDiagram Webinar “Using AI ChatGPT and PowerPoint to present data” freebie deck

Thanks for taking part in our webinar – Design Session about AI tools and PowerPoint

Here is the freebie PPT template for prompting notes. 

Contact us in case of download problems.

Get more from us:

  • learn more about using ChatGPT with PowerPoint to create visual slides, including diagrams and tables
  • 3 hours of workshop with our chief designers (Peter & Izabela)
  • 11-14:00 EDT (East US), 17-20:00 CET (Europe)
  • Application deadline December 15. See details and sign-up page here
  • Graphical services for designing new slides
  • Revitalization of PowerPoint templates
  • Brand adjustments 
  • Graphical face-lifting of slides – improving consistency and readability