7 Ideas of Designing a Quote Slide

Do you have a nice quotation in your presentation, but don’t know how to show it nicely?

Check some design ideas of making a quote slide that Izabela, our graphic designer, prepared for you. Those are not that hard to do yourself and the effect is amazing.

Quotes are a great way to add an inspiration element into your presentation. Appropriate quotation adds a credibility to your topic. I recently included a few citations in my last training slides of Nancy Duarte and Einstein about simplicity in design.

To illustrate a quotation, try one of these ideas:

1. Use a big picture on a slide + transparent text field

and put a quotation on a rectangle with semi-transparent filling. This way the text will be visible also on pictures with lower contrast.

2. Texture slide background + hand drawn box

Find a picture with nice texture pattern and add a hand drawn text box on the top of it.

3. Simple one color slide + watercolor quote

If you don’t have pictures, using a plain white background is a safe bet. It looks always elegant and is neutral. Then you can add some little creative elements on the slide – a watercolor shapes for example.

4. Dark picture background + frame

Another simple design idea, if you have dark picture – put a framed rectangle with transparent filling. You add a line as divider of quote author.

5. Quote slide as a speech bubble

Or use a speech bubble of some kind. There is one such shape among standard PowerPoint shapes, but you can go for more unique sketched bubble.

6. Flat style banner

Use a flat ribbon labels over a picture or plain slide background.

7. Photograph of the quote author

If you can get a picture of the quote author in good quality and with proper copyrights, use it. Pictures of famous people from less recent times can be found in wikiquote.org This is also a good place to find quotes in general.

Check the wrap up of those 7 ways to illustrate the quote on Slideshare:

So which one of those seven ways is your favorite?
Let me know in comments.

Graphics sources used in this blog:


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