creative Ideas for Quote Slide Design

7 Ideas for Quote Slide Design

Want to add a prominent striking quotation to your presentation, but don’t know how to visualize it nicely? Check some quote design ideas we’ve prepared for you.

Quotes are a great way to add an inspiration element to your presentation. We also use quotes often in our decks to support ideas, illustrate different points of view or statistics data.

All example images below can be found in the Quotes slides collection (see details by clicking the pictures).

Quotations appear in almost every business presentation: they can be motivational, provoking, and inspirational. Thanks to this tool the audience can view a subject in a fresh light, and appropriate quotation adds credibility to the topic you’re presenting.

These PowerPoint layouts suit any webinar, college lecture, speech, or business meeting. Quotes are the second voice in your presentation that can strengthen your arguments, claims, and proposals, you just need to find the best and most suitable way to showcase them.

To illustrate a quotation and support our story, try one of these ideas:

1. Use a Big Picture on a Slide with Transparent Text Field

Chalk quote on creative background

Above we present a slide with a quotation on a rectangle with semi-transparent blue filling. Thanks to this technique the text will be visible and the slide will be more visually appealing. You can also use it on pictures with lower contrast.

2. Illustrate Hand Drawn Box with Creative Background

Quote on management by Sun Tzu showed with hand drawn rectangle

We prepared an example of the quotation with a texture pattern and a scribble text box on the top of it. This kind of graphics will help you to show citations on a slide in a nontrivial manner.

Such a template will also be useful when you want to include more text or you have a longer quote. Always make sure there is enough space for placing text on the slide.

Always make sure there is enough space for placing text on the slide.

3. Present Simple Slide with Watercolor Quote Design

If you don’t want to use pictures and prefer clean simple slides, using a plain white background is a safe bet. It looks elegant and is neutral. You can also add some little creative elements on the slide: watercolor shapes for instance.

Watercolor and paper layout quote template

4. Use Dark Picture Background with Contrast Frame

Another simple design idea, especially useful if you have a dark picture – put a framed rectangle with transparent filling. Place the text inside the outlined box and optionally add a line as a divider between the quote and the author.

Quote on Future - outline flat box

5. Apply Speech Bubble in Quote Design

Example of hand drawn bubble with motivational quote

We also propose using a speech bubble on your slide. There is one such shape among standard PowerPoint shapes, but you can go for a more unique sketched bubble. We also added a picture on the background.

6. Use Flat Style Banner

Quote on ribbon banner with nature background

You can also add flat ribbon labels and banners over a picture or plain slide background. This kind of graphic will suit more official presentations, and you can use brand colors for such a banner.

7. Add Illustrative Picture or a Photo of the Quote Author

Exupery quote illustrated with scribble quotation mark

Using supportive illustrations is always a good idea, either it’s a photo or a symbol. Notice how we used a picture with a child on it for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s quote about children and adults.

If you can get a picture of the author in good quality and with proper copyrights, use it. Pictures of famous people from less recent times can be found in This is also a good place to find a citation in general.

Above we proposed a few ideas how you can illustrate quotation on your slide. All presented examples will keep team motivated and focused on your topic.

Resources: Quote Slides Collection

To help you illustrate citation we designed a PowerPoint template you can reuse. The infoDiagram Quote Slide Collection can be adapted to your personal needs with a few clicks. Fully editable shapes will suit official or casual meetings, webinars and lectures.

What’ s Inside Quotation Collection?

We included quotes of Sun Tzu, Richard Banson, Michal Kundera, Terry Pratchett and other famous people in the deck, you can use them or insert your quotations. The full collection includes:

  • 30 quote design slides in modern flat style or create hand drawn – scribble, watercolor, pencil style
  • 17 icons of quotation marks, speech bubbles and text boxes
  • pictures of the modern city skyline, bridge, nature, clouds, retro look wall, coffee table

All examples above you can download them directly here:

Quote Collection

If you want to get more creative infographics slides, check this Hand Drawn Icons and Diagrams Mega-bundle with over 760 unique editable pictograms.

Check the wrap up of those 7 ways to illustrate the quote on YouTube:

So which one of those seven ways is your favorite?
Let us know in the comments.

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