Creating IT Presentation in PowerPoint: Cloud Sharing and Cloud Storage

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Anastasia

Still, have lack of ideas preparing IT presentation? In this blog, we show an example of how explaining IT concepts can be easy and fun :).

Remark: You can get all diagrams and icons from IT Icons Collection.

Here we illustrated two cloud-related concepts. One was about data synchronization – how files and other content is accessed by various mobile devices. See the simple gradual illustration on the embedded Slideshare deck – uncovering elements step by step helps to explain. It’s better than throwing the whole schema to the reader at once.

Step one:

Uncovering the next step:

Another illustration shows the difference between sending files via traditional email file attachment and
file sharing via cloud storage. Again I applied step-by-step showing diagram elements.

Graphical Resources: IT icons Cloud, Software, Mobile & Network devices

To help you create IT presentations we designed an editable PowerPoint icons collection. This slide deck contains editable PowerPoint symbols: Cloud, Software, Mobile and Network devices. Icons provided in 4 versions: for a light and dark background, standalone, in a circle. You can also change the format without quality loss when zoomed. The template will be suitable for webinars, business presentations, lectures or team meetings.

What’s inside IT Icons Collection:

  • Mobile and network devices: Smartphone, Tablet, ebook reader, Mobile phone, Business phone, Smartphone, Pad, Tablet, ebook reader, notebook laptop, desktop pc ( workstation ), WiFi, Firewall, Database, Server, Virtual Machine, Access Point, Storage, NAS
  • Cloud icons: Download, Upload, Cloud synchronization and sharing, Data in a cloud, Download from a cloud, Upload from a cloud
  • Software and web pictogram symbols: Software Install, Website icon, Computer Software icon, Mobile app, Web app
  • diagram schema examples:
    Responsive web design schema PowerPoint diagram
    Website views statistics chart infographics icons
    Network architecture Security threat diagram
    Cloud-based device data synchronization diagram

You can see the full slide deck clicking the button:

IT Icons Collection

If you want more to get more extensive and creative graphics, see our IT Icons Bundle.

Check the full presentation at Slideshare:

I am aware those are quite simple illustrations. It’s to present the power of using a gradual visual explanation. Of course, you can adapt the illustration elements to the topic you want to explain.

I suggest you try this gradual uncovering in your next presentation. I’d love to see your presentations. Feel free to share a link in the comments below.

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