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Golden Rules for 5 Scrum Meetings [Slideshare]

Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Anastasia

In Scrum, meetings are pretty crucial part of the whole project management process. An effective meeting can move you forward, ineffective is not only a waste of time but can demotivate the whole team. And that can hurt the whole project. So it’s better to follow the meeting best practice hints. Check our slideshow of Golden Rules of effective Scrum meetings.

We visualized meeting rules for 5 types of Scrum meetings.
Those rules were suggested by experienced Scrum practitioner and our Scrum contributor consultant Sebastian Schneider.

The five meetings are Spring planning, Backlog Grooming, Retrospective meeting, Spring Review and most frequent Daily Scrum.

Here is an example of recommended meeting rules for Daily Scrum Gathering. Some of the hints are obvious, such as be on time or do not get distracted from the meeting focus. But it’s good to keep them written down to stay reminded.
Check the Slideshare presentation below to see the meeting rules for all the Scrum meeting types:

What would you be your advice for an effective meeting?

I’d be glad to extend the presentation by more hints. Let me know in the comments below.

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