How to make SMART goals visually engaging

It’s this time of year we do plans on various levels. Company strategies, team aims, project plans, personal development objectives.

To help you make good goals, use S.M.A.R.T. method of defining them. Furthermore, if you present the goals in nice eye-catching ways, you can reach better engagement by your audience. Here I present some ideas how you can design such SMART goals a presentation.

Making your plans to look great is not only more pleasant for the eye, but it also influences how people approach the goals. If you write them in text only, people will not be eager to read and remind them often. On the other side, if you present them as in a clear aesthetic way, people will remember it longer.

It’s not that hard to prepare. Just use strong colorful diagrams and icon symbols that create a visual association with defined goals. You can recreate them on your own, or check our SMART Goals Graphics Template.

What SMART goals stands for?

This is an acronym of S.M.A.R.T. – a mnemonic help to define goals as:

  • Specific – Write down specifically what you intend to achieve. Good example: “Be Number 1 on the national market of training providers”. Don’t use too general aims such as “Get better” or “Make world a better place”
  • Measurable – Define how you can measure Your goal. Use numbers and facts you can verify, e.g. “Have 3 clients from Fortune 200 companies”
  • Achievable – Choose goals that are realistic to achieve. Missing too many goals means there’s something wrong with your planning.
  • Related – is your goal really related to you and your business? Is it the thing you can influence and something you should focus on? Some examples to consider:
    • Turnover or Profit
    • Size or Effectiveness
    • Quantity or Quality
    • Rich or Happy
  • Timely – the goal should have a time limit. Should it be reached by end of year or quarter?

Make a visual checklist of every objective.

Express your goal at all 5 levels. Check whether is fulfills all SMART criteria?

Assign SMART criteria to your mission statement

To make your goals presentation really be outstanding, use atypical style. A black background instead of classic white. Replace formal looking shapes by more personal handwriting style.



Check full presentation on my Slideshare account:

I hope this inspires you how to present your plans in an attractive creative way. And this will help you to stay focused and reach your goals, whatever they are.

Source of SMART goals graphics:

I created all presented slides using PowerPoint and those two symbols sets with diagrams and symbols for each part of S.M.A.R.T. schema:

If you want to try out some icons, check our free Creative slide design guide with sample of flat and hand drawn PPT graphics.

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