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Illustrating Client Profile and NPS Opinions on a Slide

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Need to represent Your client in a presentation? Create a visual client profile illustration, so-called your Sales Persona. Present in a picture that ideal customer of yours visually. Show the personality type, what your customer thinks and speaks.
Drawing such an ideal person is common in marketing and sales presentations. I saw recently how Hubspot was promoting strongly how to describe such Buyer Persona.

You can get all the presented diagrams and icons from Customer Profile People Silhouettes.

Here’re some examples of how to create such persona on a slide, showing different age groups, what she or he thinks, what language the person uses, what values represent.
client type says message ppt icon
customer opinion think powerpoint illustrate slide
NPS diagram icon client opinion powerpoint clipart
We’ve put together a Slideshare presentation  (see below) – see how you can present target group visually. How to visualize various attitudes of buyers and client opinions. Marketers are measuring such opinions using Net Promoter Score (NPS). You can illustrate also NPS ranking using a simple arrow diagram and add two icons of the most positive and the most negative customer opinion.
For sales, it’s important to identify the client personality type. If she is an analytical thinker, passionate feeler or innovative maker.
Client personality analytical feeler ppt icon

All presented examples can be useful for marketing and management presentations. Sales Persona graphics will help you to get the attention of your audience. You can reuse one of those examples we prepared or create your own set based on presented layouts.

Resources: Customer Profile People Silhouettes

Customer Profile Deck is an editable PowerPoint graphics set of client profile and segmentation icons. We designed this set as formal flat images that are style-neutral. You can copy and reuse those simple people silhouettes into any other presentation.

What’s Inside Customer Profile Set:

The diagram consist 17 editable icons of various customer demographic profile, actions and opinions. Suitable for:

  • customer analysis presentations
  • market research studies
  • customer survey reports
  • customer segmentation analysis
  • client opinion studies

Those icons are great tool to represent visually your sales avatars or illustrate customer opinions such as NPS score:

  • Customer demographic age and gender segments: children ( school age boy and girl icons ), seniors ( elder man and elder woman ), man and woman
  • Client Judgement: Approving, Disapproving, Puzzled client, Thinking person with an idea
  • Customer Opinions: What he thinks, says, wants.
  • Use examples: market segmentation, market share, polls infographics

Graphics used in this presentation is available here:

See Customer Profile Set

Here’s the full Slideshare presentation on Illustrating Client Profile:

How do see a use of such icons in your presentations? Is there a place for that?

I’d love to hear your opinions. Share your comments below :).

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