30 Ways to Present Talent Management [concept visualization]

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If you’re about to present a talent management issue to the key team members or board, it’s important to make a good impression. Besides the presentation content, a proper topic visualization can make a difference too, in your speech delivery. Here are some visual solutions we propose.

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Talent management influences a bunch of HR activities, key employee-oriented organizational structures, personal development stages, employee branding… This list is endless. And that’s why illustrating a talent concept is a bit tricky.

Using a simple picture of a person is too obvious. How it differs from a general HR? In order to illustrate specifically Talent Management, let’s use a trick. Combine two simple icons – and see how you can reach more interesting results.

Design-Neutral Icons for Talent Management

talent management icon flat simple neutral

Above we suggest some variants of flat symbols, which you can easily apply to any kind of presentation:

Creative Hand Drawn Symbols for Showing Talents

talent scribble creative handwritten style human resource

You have to create a more informal presentation or you want to make a strong visual impact? Anyway, with the help of hand-made icons you will definitely show personal touch:

More concept icons ideas

Need to show another concept in a presentation? Value, Action, Growth you name it.

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If you are interested in other HR management concepts and looking for illustration ideas, check our new Slideshare presentation:

Use the power of visual language

These are the visual ideas we propose and encourage you to be more creative ๐Ÿ™‚ Talent management is the area of presenting which you can experiment more and use more uncommon symbols without hesitating.

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