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One Picture to Rule Them All – Concept Visualization List for Better Slides

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List of visual metaphors to use to present a business concept in a presentation slide, report, or article.

Want your presentation to be remembered longer? More eye-catchy? Adding a graphical symbol builds a stronger mnemonic association in our brain. Check our concept visualization ideas.

However, some business concepts are hard to visualize. That’s why we decided to create a list of visualization ideas you can check and use in your presentation. We hope it will inspire you.

See the ideas list of business concepts visualizations here (regularly updated).

Example: Strategy concept visualized [YouTube video]

Example: Deadline concept visualized [slideshow]

How you can express a project deadline metaphor:

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Need to Show Another Business Concept in a Presentation?

Share your visualization challenge with us using the contact window, and we’ll propose ideas of how you can illustrate your concept in your presentation text or charts.

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2 thoughts on “One Picture to Rule Them All – Concept Visualization List for Better Slides”

  1. Rejection, how can I you express that by one picture?
    By the way, great idea this concept visualization. I will come back.

  2. Robert, thanks for question. Glad you like our concept viz ideas. To express “rejection” I’d use e.g. sign of 2 crossed lines in a circle (as opposite to approval check tick). Or stop traffic sign. Or bounce-back arrow.
    I can prepare new blog with more ideas and add it here. Follow this webpage or our Youtube channel to stay updated.

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