3 Presentation Design Ideas for Halloween Icons

Halloweeeeeen is coming ūüėČ The holiday’s origins are coming back to the United States, but it is popular all over the world.¬†There are a lot of¬†children and adults dressing up and collecting candy.

For those who like such atmosphere and want to have some fun, we have prepared a new set of free Halloween icons (link to download is below).

Even if you don’t like dressing up and scaring people,¬†there are still a few things you can do with Halloween. What can you do with these icons, as they are already downloaded?

Below you can find the effect of subtle animations of such icons in the presentation of the marketing events calendar at the end of the year:


You can download all the presented slides here:

Download Halloween Graphics

Besides the obvious question that you can make a presentation for a Halloween party, I have three more ideas for you how to use it.


#1: Greetings card

You can prepare your own card and email it to your friends. You can use the background created by us or use some of your photos, where you will place icons, add the pre-designed sign “Happy Halloween” and save it as a JPG file. Quite simple :).

halloween card icon ghost ppt

You can change the color of your icons and scale them without any loss of quality, just like regular PowerPoint shapes.

happy halloweenscary balloon pptx

#2: Photo on social profile

You do not want to send an e-mail with a card, but you’re willing to some cool Halloween accent on your¬†profile pic on the social networks?¬†Here you are. Insert your photo, put a¬†hat on it, or a spiderweb somewhere in the corner and save the slide as a JPG file. You can now change your profile photo, e.g. on facebook 🙂


#3: Make your blog or website more attractive

Perhaps you have your own blog or website that you want to revive and add some atmosphere? You can add Halloween icons. Just save the icons as a PNG file (with transparency) and use them freely.


How to export pictures from PowerPoint to JPG and PNG

Having troubles saving a photo or exporting an icon? Keep reading.

If you want to export a¬†card to a JPG file, click Save As (or F12) and select JPG Format in the Save as type box. Name and click Save. A box will appear asking if you want to save each slide or just the current one. Select the current slide and you’re done.

To export a single icon to a transparent PNG file just right-click it and select Save As Image. You will see a window as you would normally save, where you can select a PNG file format.


PPT icons to download

I invite you to download our handy seasonal PPT graphics from the infoDiagram website:

Download Halloween Graphics

You can see what is included in the package:

icons halloween ghost bat hat pumpkin ppt

halloween bat spider powerpoint

halloween marketing events calendar

I wish you successful and scary Halloween-graphics 🙂

Izabela Рcreative presentations designer

Anastasia –¬†visualizations fan

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