5 Creative Examples of Using Hand Drawn Arrows in Your Presentation

When do we use arrows? The most common cases are to show a path from A to B or a circular process. However, the area of usage of a handdrawn arrow can be wider, and here we will show a few examples.

The arrow is a very flexible element: it can be used as a separate graphical element, or as a background … Let’s find out several cases where we can apply hand-drawn arrows.

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Case #1: Circular diagram

ink arrow shape circular diagram

Thin ink arrows are the best idea for such kinds of charts: they don’t occupy much place and don’t gather too much attention.

Case #2: Process Flowchart

arrow handwritten flow chart ppt

By noticing different colored or gray ink arrows you can easily catch the meaning and diagram flow. You can also apply a scribble style on the boxes to make the slide look unique.

charcoal line flow diagram powerpoint

In the image above you can see the example o the flow diagram in charcoal style.

Case #3: Organizational Charts That Look Different

organizational structure chart powerpoint

Here’s an example of a company’s structure diagram made with simple rectangle shapes and ink arrows. Looks more creative and interactive.

Case #4: Presenting trip routes or places on a map

ink line hand drawn arrow world map template ppt

Very common arrow usage – to show transportation routes or distribution paths. Use ink or line arrows and you won’t distract attention from the map in the background.

handwritten arrow north america map ppt

Or if you need to show the country’s place on the map, you can do it like in the picture above.

Case #5: Showing a Timeline of Events

arrow timeline powerpoint

You can easily create such an authentic timeline with simple forms in 2 minutes or use this pre-designed slide. The color, style, and filling can be changed.

arrow teardrop timeline colored

Here’s another variant of arrow timelines, for those who prefer a flat style. The gray arrow on the background is almost inconspicuous and looks good in the tandem with teardrop shapes.

Check out 7 types of timeline design here.

What’s inside Hand drawn Arrows set?

The collection contains 124 various arrow vector shapes on 22 slides in 3 hand-drawn graphical styles: charcoal line, ink lines with scribble filling, and freehand doodle pencil style. You can choose colors to correspond with your brand and the color scheme and layout of your presentation. All arrows and shapes are editable vector artwork so you can adjust them as needed, using standard PowerPoint tools. And they remain razor-sharp also if you resize them, unlike bitmap pictures.

The arrow collection consists of:

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