Ideas to Avoid Boring Company Overview Presentation

Presenting your own company is a common part of pretty every business conference or sales or investor pitch. However, this is usually also the most boring part, as it is more about you and less about your audience.

In this blog, you can find ideas on how to present your company profile and history in a powerful and attractive visual way.

If you want to make a good impression, you have to stand out with your company slides. Apply storytelling approach. Illustrate them with clear and vivid visuals.

Usually, company presentations look same and let’s face the truth – unattractive. Long texts of vision and mission statements, bullet-points of product portfolio, dense tables and default pie charts…

Company presentation tip: Use WIIFM checkout – put yourself in shoes of the listener, who asks “What’s in it for me” with every slide she sees.

To help you out with ideas on how to present company, we gathered ideas from presentations we seen and helped to design.

Note: All pictures below can be found in Company Presentation Template and Slide Deck (see details by clicking the pictures).

Here are 11 typical company presentation parts:

  • presentation title
  • agenda or some kind of table of content
  • company profile and philosophy – what and why it does. The vision and mission statements and key activities
  • main products and services (can include website screenshots in case of online products).
  • timeline of company history
  • information about the key persons – owners, managing directors, key consultants or team members
  • future plans – new product development, maybe applications mockups
  • project calendar
  • current or future customers profile
  • market and competitors analysis
  • walk-out closing slide with the final message, call to action and contact information

Let’s see a few variants of a graphical representation of those popular sections.


Starting with Catchy Title Slide and Agenda

title content agenda ppt company presentation

This is the place, where a lot of people get stuck. Finding an idea for a title slide can be challenging. We advise to chose a simple picture for the background, which won’t distract people from the important – your presentation topic.

Presenting Company Philosophy, Profile, and Geographical Locations

company mission goals philosopy profile ppt

It’s crucial to share your vision, that way you can show your passion and the company’s importance. And after this go straightly to numbers – nothing will tell the story better, than them.

Limit it to max a dozen key numbers. Be ready to tell a short story behind each one, if asked about details. However, don’t put the details in your main presentation, as it can prolong your speech. Have them in the presentation notes or create back up slides.

world editable map ppt

If you also want to show your country branches locations or point out new distribution points, add a map. Having a vector map, you can easily highlight regions or add pins to places you want to point to.

Showing Key Products and Services

product sales kpi revenue

services offered profit bar chart ppt

Now it is time to get to the value that your company has – the products or services you offer. Better to place revenue slides right after and illustrate by bar or pie charts.

Presenting Product Website and Application Screenshots

webpage web site statistics application screen mock-up ppt

It’s hard to find a company, which doesn’t have a website nowadays. If you want to show it to your audience, don’t just make a print screen – use a laptop or mobile mock-up. That way is more professional.

Telling a Story of a Company or Product Timeline

timeline history major milestones company presentation

You can see three timeline slides: start and release, key milestones, events, awards and new products release. Look for other ways of presenting timelines here.

Presentation advice: don’t talk about history too much, it is better to point out only main events and accomplishments.

Show a human side. Present key company persons – founder and a team

biography slide founder ceo presentation ppt

People like following the examples, so every company should have a face. This slide is about presenting the main figure of your company – everybody knows garage stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.

Revealing New Product Development Plans

new product development team key points

If you’re about to present revolutionary product, then take a look at slides above: one is for general product description, other presents the project team and the last one outlines key points (you can easily change the number of them).

Presenting Project Calendar

project calendar timeline powerpoint

Sure your investors or partners would like to see some deadlines. Gantt chart is proven management tool for scheduling project steps and watching deadlines.

Market Presentation: Illustrating Key Customers Profile

targeted customer statistics pie chart ppt

Here’s an example of how you can place the information about your existing clients. Or potential ones in the case of releasing new product or entering new markets. The good idea is to show this information as pie charts and illustrate them with simple icons.

Design tip: better split statistical data into several charts, don’t use too many indexes in one chart.

Analyzing Market: Competitors Comparison

competition comparison creative table ppt

No matter how awesome your product or service is (and we are sure it is 🙂 ), acknowledging your competitors is a must-do task. As Jean Baudrillard said: ‘Information can tell us everything. It has all the answers’.

Organizing your competitors’ product features inside a table will allow you to see their weak points and underline your strengths.

Closing Slides: More than a Contact

final side ending thanks for attention

Finishing your presentation, don’t forget to thank your listeners to show respect. This is a place everybody adds the obvious contact information. However, you can use the closing slides for more:

  • Put your main insight or idea on it for people to remember.
  • Add a key client testimonial recommending your company
  • State a market fact supporting your presentation take-away
  • Make people act. Add a Call-to-Action, present time limited offer or discount. Some action messages examples “Call us today”, “Learn more”, “Register for the next webinar”, “Grab a free white paper”…


To sum up, we presented you a bunch of ideas for various company presentation parts. From the title, navigation slide, throughout a company philosophy and profile, timeline, owner or managing directors biography, main products, information about future developments and market intelligence.

What sections do you usually use in company presentation? Share in comments 🙂

Resources: Universal company presentation deck

If you decide to use the PowerPoint template to create your slides, all these graphics are available in the editable form here. Our pre-designed PPTX template contains a slide for each presentation part mentioned above.

What’s inside Company Presentation Deck?

Predesigned infographics shapes and slide deck contain:

  • 28 slide layouts
  • 38 icons on 29 slides
  • image placeholder for presenting project team, CEO, founders

All slides are fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools. See the full collection here:

Company Presentation Template

If you need to present more detailed business or market analysis, see our Business & Marketing section, where you’ll find diagrams from the SWOT model to HR topics illustration.

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