Presenting a Comment, an Idea, a Chat – Be Creative with Speech Bubbles

Want to illustrate a comment, quote, dialogue, or make an interesting creative timeline? Consider using stylish handwritten speech bubbles as a representation of various communication concepts in your presentation. Below we present six ideas of using speech balloons on a slide.

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Remember old-style comics with big white or yellow bubbles over the heroes’ heads? We’ve experimented a bit with this graphical concept, designed a bunch of hand-drawn styled icons and you can see the result below.

Here are the six examples where you can use creative or flat bubbles:

  1. illustrate a discussion, chat or thoughts
  2. highlighting the key point
  3. creating commentary notes on a slide
  4. using them in a timeline 
  5. presenting survey opinions
  6. designing quotations

So let’s try using them on slides and see the result.

#1: Illustrating communication dialogues, chats, and thoughts

speech balloons scribble creative dialogue ppt

The classic case of using speech balloons. Use them if you want to show customers’ thoughts, people’s fears or even your ideas.

clients opinions speech balloons ppt

Here’s how easily you can present your clients’ opinions.

#2: Highlighting the key point in a text

speech balloon key point main message powerpoint

If there’s a big amount of information on the slide (which is better to avoid) and you want a particular idea to stand out, you can create a similar field for that. Looks creative and interesting from a design point of view.

#3: Using speech balloons as a note or a comment field

note balloon ppt graphics

Adding notes to the presentation is not a brand-new idea. However what about using bubbles for that? That way you can outline key points or add any information you need.

#4: Showing history of events on a timeline with comment bubbles

timeline speech balloons milestones ppt

If you want to tell a story in your presentation, show it as a series of events in chronological order. Bubbles will save place on the slide and nicely illustrate all milestones.

#5: Presenting a result of survey statistics by a bubble infographic

statistics survey speech balloons opinions

As poll surveys show people’s opinions about a product, survey or company, the good idea is to make infographics. It is a proven technique, which helps people to catch information faster.

#6: Illustrating a famous quote to inspire your audience

quote ppt speech balloon creative

Another way of using creative speech balloons is to present quotes. Somehow in, our heads these forms are associated with people’s thoughts so your audience will get your message right.

Use your imagination, be creative with speech bubbles

To sum up, the usage of speech balloons is much wider, than illustrating a man talking: you can show a discussion or one’s thoughts; highlight the key point; put commentary notes on a slide; create a timeline; present survey opinions and show a quotation.

Do you have any other useful ideas for speech bubbles use in a presentation? Share in comments 🙂

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