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Work&Fun – infoDiagram Autumn Meeting

Hey 🙂

Today I want to share with you some of our company news. We had a big team meeting previous weekend and I’d like to share some moments with you 🙂

As we are a remote company, almost all the work we do and the meetings we held are online ones. Once in a while, the members of our marketing and design teams can organize a small meet-up and spend a productive time with a cup of tea/coffee and croissants, of course. Meantime, IT  guys prefer working at home, but you know IT people are weird a little bit … 🙂

The recent weekend we had our big quarter meeting. Unfortunately, not all team members could come, but we had a great and productive time. Here’s a sneak pic from it (yes, we were working as well, not only having fun):

Besides being proud of a great team I am a part of, I want to give you a teaser on some exciting things you can await soon, which we’ve been working on for last months:

  • we will be launching a new platform for our clients soon
  • the new subscription models are coming
  • fresh diagrams are already on a plan to be created soon

Pretty intriguing, isn’t it? I’d love to tell you the details, but our CEO asked me to wait a little bit, so I’m trying my best 🙂

Greetings from our infoDiagram team.

You just read a blog by Anastasia (the one on the very left). See you in the new ones 🙂

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