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Explain Blockchain Technology Effectively with Modern Graphics

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Defining concepts like distributed ledger, block structure, benefits and the applications of blockchain technology in various industries are often necessary for presentations. How do you make the descriptions and definitions come alive?

Breaking down blockchain technology into easy-to-understand steps can be difficult. Presenting complex processes is often even harder. Audiences need to be engaged with the material and subject matter. This promotes deeper understanding.

Note: All example slides below are accessible in Blockchain Presentation PowerPoint Diagrams  (see details by clicking the pictures).

Even simple concepts like pro and con comparisons can be made more salient with icons.

How can graphics improve your blockchain technology presentations

Define blockchain concepts with special slides

Blockchain Technology concept definition ppt

Dedicating an entire slide to a definition is a great way to focus audience’s attention and literally spell out what a term means. With the customization of colors and icons, you can easily define any terms your audience may be unfamiliar with.

If you’re interested in more detailed explanation of what is blockchain, check this article on

Outline the timeline or process of blockchain technology and how it works

Blockchain Technology process timeline
Blockchain Technology process roadmaps powerpoint

Your audience is more likely to be able to follow along with the process if you provide details and descriptions of each step. By customizing the color scheme and appearance and each phase you can match your process, brand, and the rest of your presentation. You can represent processes with a timeline graphic or roadmap.

Describe the 5 key forces of Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology five forces
Blockchain Technology 5 key forces list diagram

There are multiple ways to do this. The star version is engaging and utilizes a lot of color. The list diagram also makes use of color, but utilizes more text. The descriptions and icons in either approach will help your audience follow your descriptions of each stage. You’ll paint a clearer picture for those who are unfamiliar with the terminology you’re using.

Share the benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain Technology benefits ppt slide
Blockchain Technology benefits list

There are multiple graphical ways to approach this. Whether you prefer the list template or column list, you’ll be offering detailed descriptions of the benefits of blockchain technology. The icons for each benefit can be modified or changed to suit the specific benefits you choose to share with your audience.

List the applications of Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology application areas
Blockchain Technology application areas honeycomb list

There are numerous icon sets and graphics which will allow you to do this. The honeycomb layout does not utilize much-written text but can be great for helping your audience absorb all the many different applications at once. Multiple slides of the list layout can provide the same depth while sharing the details of each application as you go.

You can define blockchain concepts, outline processes or share timelines, describe the 5 key forces of blockchain technology, and even more. By using graphics like these you can fully describe the benefits, features, and applications of blockchains.

Resource: Blockchain Presentation Diagrams

Whether you are explaining the numerous features and benefits of blockchain technology or providing a detailed network analysis – the Blockchain Presentation Diagrams set can help. The vector graphics in this set can be customized and resized to suit your needs. The set includes a slide deck designed for defining blockchain, technology timelines and roadmaps, block structures with outline graphics, vivid colors which can be modified, and text placeholders for all your supplementary materials.

If you find the above examples useful or helpful you can down the full icon set here:

Blockchain PPT Graphics

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