Professional Media Planning PowerPoint Presentations

Make Professional Media Planning PowerPoint Presentations

Are you planning to leverage the media to market your goods or services? Present your marketing plan, strategies for advertising, scheduling, and more. Many organizations aim to increase brand awareness with media.

They might do this to boost sales of existing products. They might also pursue media coverage to launch a new product or when entering a new market.

If you need to make creative presentations on Media Planning and looking for more ideas, check out these unique PPT graphics.

What should the structure be for a Media Planning Presentation

 Content of Media Planning Presentation Deck ppt

There are many components to consider and incorporate into your media planning presentation. Which components are necessary depends largely on who your audience is. If your audience is inexperienced or needs a refresher on Media Planning then you’ll want to commit presentation time and energy to explaining terms. Look at the above-suggested outline and decide how many of the listed items would be beneficial to your audience.

Describe Your Media Planning Goals

Media planning Presence Goal Template slide
Sales Target Goals And Objectives media planning ppt template

Explain what the goals are for your Media Plan. If your team, executives, or anyone else understand what the goal is they will be better equipped to judge the success of the project after the fact. They will also be more likely to support the project if they understand the end goal.

Incorporate Your Target Audience

Media Target Group User Profile media planning presentation

Who is your Media Target Group User? If you know who you hope to reach with your media campaign, share that. If there are differences between your typical customer avatar and the media users, be sure to highlight those. Focus on user demographics, habits, needs, work, and more.

Explain the Media Plan Process and Timeline

media planning elements poweproint slide
media planning Media Campaign's Overview Calendar Timeline

If your audience is wholly unfamiliar with media campaigns you’ll want to explain what the process looks like. For those who have experience with media campaigns, you’ll want to explain your plan for the process. Establishing the timeline will help everyone understand your expectations.

Share Different Timelines, Projects, and Goals

Advertising Scheduling Plan Table media planning ppt

This is similar to explaining the timeline for your media plan, but for instances where there are multiple projects or teams working toward goals. Depending on your media plan, the teams may have similar goals or different goals which complement each other. Explain them as best you can with customized graphics.

Plan the structure of your media planning presentation with care. Describe your media planning goals and incorporate your target audience so your presentation’s audience understands your intentions. Be sure to explain the process and timeline for your media plan, regardless of the number of teams or moving parts involved.

Resource: Media Planning Presentation Diagrams

Use a visual template to ensure you follow a clear information structure and your presentation looks professional. The slide deck contains definition, purpose, and goals slides and graphics. The deck also contains sales avatar slides, templates for explaining objectives and different types of media.

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Media Planning Presentation PPT Diagrams

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