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Using PowerPoint to Explain the Internet of Things Professionally

The Internet of Things is the extension of internet connectivity into physical devices. The types of devices influenced are numerous and varied. These “smart” and “connected” devices communicate over the internet. Due to this connection, they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

If you need to explain not only the term, but the applications, benefits, and use cases of the Internet of Things, read on. In this post, we’ll explain ways you can make a coherent, compelling presentation regardless of how much background knowledge your audience has.

Disclaimer: The IoT graphics we present here come from the commercial Internet of Things PPT Diagrams collection that we’ve designed.

Define Unfamiliar Terms with Colorful, Dynamic Slides

internet of things definition PPT template

If your audience has no working knowledge of the Internet of Things you may need to dedicate more than one slide to providing detailed definitions and background information. In this example, the definition for the Internet of Things is provided with an icon to represent internet/wifi connectivity. The icons to the right of the definition box reference the many aspects of the IoT without providing too much information which might overwhelm an unfamiliar audience.

Explain the Applications of the Internet of Things

IoT applications PPT slide

Are you trying to sell your audience on the necessity or applications of the IoT? Even if your goal is not literal selling if you need to convince your audience of the possible applications for the Internet of Things you can provide examples in colorful, visually interesting ways.

Break Down the Pros and Cons of IoT

internet of things Benefits vs Concerns Comparison Template

Need to explain the benefits versus concerns of the Internet of Things? Don’t use simple, boring lists. Use more than a simple table to show your audience how IoT could possibly make a difference for your organization, products, or industry.

Share Which Industries Already Benefit from the IoT

internet of things Industries Using IoT editable diagram

If you need to explain the many applications for the Internet of Things, providing the many industries which benefit is a great place to start. Don’t settle for using a dull list or bland table. This colorful honeycomb slide offers examples of just some of the industries which benefit from the Internet of Things.

Explain the Drivers and Barriers of the IoT

IoT Technology Drivers and Barriers Comparison Template

If you’re attempting to explain why the Internet of Things is beneficial, it is also fair to share some of the arguments posed by those who oppose wide implementation. This is an opportunity to show your audience that you’ve considered all of the possible angles and share how you would address or suggest addressing the barriers to the IoT implementation.

You can share definitions related to the Internet of Things, possible applications, as well as the benefits and concerns and drivers and barriers. By incorporating the many industries who already benefit from the technology you’ll provide proof that many industries have managed to address and counter the possible cons of IoT implementation.

Resource: Internet of Things Presentation Diagrams

Using modern, colorful, customized icons can help make a dense, information-rich presentation easier to follow and absorb. Attractive visuals will be beneficial if your audience is highly technical and only needs to have a brief overview before you start sharing the specifics of what your intentions are. Striking imagery can also help if you need to walk your audience through the Internet of Things step by step.

If you find the above examples useful you can down the full graphics collection here:

Internet of Things Presentation PPT Diagrams

You can also download 200+ creative PowerPoint diagrams if you’d like to incorporate a wider variety of icons or have other needs which aren’t addressed by this one icon pack.

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