Use Visual Metaphors to Illustrate Benefits

Use Visual Metaphors to Illustrate Benefits [concept visualization]

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How do you present the benefits concept? Whether you need to explain the benefit of taking one action over another or the benefits your services offer over your competitors it is important to present benefit concepts effectively. Concept visualization is one way to be sure that your audience will find your presentation engaging and memorable.

Our designers have created many graphics which can help you with benefits concept visualization. See if any of our PowerPoint graphic ideas inspire you and choose the style which will suit better your presentation.

Use light, flat icons to visualize the benefits concept

benefits concept outline icons
benefits concept flat icons
  • Handshake icons represent an agreement between the person giving and the person receiving the benefit. It can also represent mutually beneficial situations.
  • Icons of people with arrows pointed at them can be used as a visual metaphor for the people receiving benefits.
  • A bag, credit card, and money icons can each be used to represent financial benefits.
  • To visualize a more specific financial benefit like shopping discounts or savings, use a discount sign icon.
  • Hand icons can represent giving or receiving benefits. Use one hand to represent giving or two hands to show receiving benefits.
  • Use a box icon for presenting a package that offers many benefits.
  • A diamond, star, or circle with a plus sign can all represent benefit concepts. Think about what benefits you are presenting and choose the most appropriate visual metaphor.
  • Heart graphics are effortless visual metaphors for healthcare benefits.
  • Use a thumbs up icon to present appreciation of benefits- an essential benefits concept.

Use creative hand-drawn icons to present benefits concepts

benefits concept hand drawn scribble icons
  • A happy face hand-drawn icon can remind your audience that benefits are a way to keep employees and customers happy.
  • A gift icon can be used to represent a benefit or benefits package as a gift or bonus.
  • Icons of a person with a box or present in the creative style provide a visual metaphor for receiving or giving a package with many different benefits.
  • Hand-drawn stars and plus signs can help you explain the general value of benefits.
  • Heart or plus sign icons on their own can represent medical or healthcare benefits.
  • Figures with bags can help share financial benefit concepts.

We hope you have been inspired by our visual ideas. Consider our numerous concept visualization ideas and which graphical style would best suit the audience of your PowerPoint presentation. Would your message be more credible if you utilize light and elegant outline icons? Do you think your company’s brand is closer to a modern, neutral, flat symbols style? Would your presentation be more engaging and memorable with creative, hand-drawn concept graphics? Our designers take great care so that your PowerPoint will make an impact regardless of which style you choose.

Use as many visual metaphors and infographics as you need to effectively explain your points and abstract concepts. If you would like to use icons from multiple graphic sets, consider an InfoDiagram subscription. With a subscription, you can access all the symbols in our vast PowerPoint graphics library.

Present abstract concepts easily

Have you struggled to find ways to present and explain abstract concepts and complex ideas?

Our designers want everyone to have access to easy-to-use, eye-catching graphics for every presentation. Visit our Concept Visualization Master List post if you need fresh concept visualization ideas.

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