PowerPoint Graphics You Need to Present Your Business Idea and Pitch Deck

What Graphics do You Need to Pitch Your Business Idea?

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Will you be making a light pitch or business presentation soon? If you need to secure funds or additional resources for a project you will need to make a compelling presentation. Elegant visuals can aid that purpose. Whether you build your own graphics or use our investor pitch deck, you will need modern, professional icons.

Want to get started, now? If you already know what information your audience will require, go ahead! Click here to see Elegant Outline Pitch Deck Presentation. 

What visuals are essential for pitching your startup?

“About our Company” Visuals

About Company – What We Do, our USP
Challenge and Problems, we solve – declaration template

You can use boxes and labels to effectively let your audience know more about your company. Explain your unique selling proposition. Let your audience more completely understand your mission, vision, and values by describing them in a visually striking way. You might also explain the problems you face, as a company or within your industry.

Share Market Facts with Infographics Using Pitch Deck Graphics

Market Facts Infographics Template for pitch deck – Customers Survey

Have you surveyed your market? Let the voice of your intended customers provide the justification for your new enterprise. Prove there is a market for your new business or new project. Get as specific as you’re able, as this will build your credibility. You may provide additional details about your market analysis along with these slides or later on – it’s up to you!

The Elegant Outline Pitch Deck is sure to help you make an effective case for your venture:

Elegant Outline Pitch Deck PPT Presentation

Sleek, modern graphics are more powerful than text alone.

Use Bridge Graphics to Bridge the Gap

Bridging the Gap – from Problem to Solution

If in your survey, you reveal a gap between the problem and your proposed solution, you can use a bridge graphic to help your audience. The visual metaphor of a bridge represents bridging the gap between the problems your intended customers have, and the solution you suggest. Provide as many details as you like in the boxes representing either the problem or the solution.

Share the Benefits of Your Solution in Your Pitch Deck

Key Solution or Product Qualities – Benefits Template pitch deck

You’ve shared what the problem is, and who it is who struggles with the issue. Now, explain to your audience how your solution may help. In this example, the benefits of the key solution offered are that it’s multi-level, flexible, and secure. Think about what your solution has to offer. What are the benefits of your products or services? Add a few more boxes and you can describe the full list of features of your solutions.

Present Feedback and Testimonials from Your Clients

Testimonial Pitch Deck Slide Template
Clients Feedback Quotes Template with Logo

Have your clients given you glowing reviews? Share them with your audience. Let those you’re speaking with understand just how much you’ve helped those you’ve worked with. This can be an opportunity to explain who you’ve worked with. You may choose to list client names, use their logos, or provide photos if you work with individuals. In any case, the icons used to accent the quotations will help your text stand out.

These are not the only ways to utilize graphics to make a compelling pitch, but they are a solid start.

Resource: Elegant Outline Pitch Deck Presentation

Whether you’re providing a case study or sharing the revenue streams you intend for your business, you will make a better case with compelling visuals. Sleek graphics can make all the difference. Help your audience understand your message and retain the finer points by customizing the icons, colors, and details.

To assist you in creating modern pitch presentation , we’ve prepared this outline deck you can see on pictures above. You can see complete set of outlined pitch deck slides by clicking here.

In case you like flat style more, check our Investor Pitch Presentation Tips, you’ll find a list of typical start-up presentation sections you can consider to use and the visuals ideas on illustrating them.

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