Articulate Your Plans for 2020 with Calendar Graphics

Articulate Your Plans for 2020 with Calendar Graphics

Are you already planning 2020? If you are working on building next year’s calendar for your business, you might have found that pre-made 2020 calendar graphics don’t suit your needs. If you’re like most, you want to take a creative approach to plan your year.

Creativity is often necessary when planning time management strategies for an entire team or department. We created the Calendars 2020 timeline graphics US format PowerPoint set to make planning 2020 easier.

Articulate Your Plans for 2020 with Graphics

What do you need when building and planning 2020? What tools will help you present a cohesive, visually beautiful calendar for next year?

Planning is more than monthly or quarterly calendars. To see the full set of 2020 Planning Calendar PPT graphics, click here. 

1. Highlight Special Dates in Calendar Graphics and Deadlines to Make Them Stand Out

Special Dates, event colors and Deadlines ppt signs
calendar icons, flags for ppt

There are many ways to draw attention to special dates. Flags, pins, and icons can all draw your audience’s attention to significant dates. Flags can even serve as labels if you add text. Icons can serve as markers for deadlines, especially if they are color-coded.

2. Simulate a Physical Planner with Sticky Note Icons

Sticky Notes & Calendar Icons
calendar for one month with a place for notes

A creative way to make your plan for 2020 unique is to incorporate sticky note graphics in your PowerPoint presentation. These fully editable graphics can label special events or deadlines. They can also be used to share supplementary information.

3. Grab Your Audience’s Attention With Hand-drawn Markers in Calendar Graphics

Hand-drawn Markers for powerpoint calendar graphics
duration arrow graphics

Hand-drawn marker icons look creative and professional. By customizing the colors, filling, and shadow on each marker, you can match the graphics. They can be modified to match one another or other graphics on a given slide. This will help make your presentation easier to follow and more cohesive. Circles can be used to accentuate special dates or even details provided as an explanation. Duration arrows can be used on calendars to show the duration of a project or the length of time between deadlines or projects.

4. Create Beautiful Cohesive Charts With Hand-drawn Accomplishment Signs

With Hand-drawn Accomplishment Signs for calendar graphics

Need to convey an alert or warning? Need to mark something as positive or negative? You can do these things and many more with hand-drawn accomplishment signs. Create easy-to-follow graphics and powerful visuals for abstract ideas with these small accomplishment signs.

5. Present the Entire Year at Once

yealy plan calendar

Explaining your plan for the entire year doesn’t have to be confusing. You can put all of your ideas together on one slide. In the example, you see many arrows representing the timeframe of different projects throughout the year. You can accentuate special dates with other icons if you wish but must be mindful to keep the presentation from becoming too visually busy.

You can mark special dates, deadlines, and project durations or imitate physical planners with a sticky note and hand-drawn icon sets. This will allow you to create beautiful and understandable charts.

Resource: Calendar Graphics 2020 timelines US format

Boost Your 2020 Calendar Presentations with cohesive, creative charts:

Calendars 2020 timelines PPT graphics

Avoid having content that is too busy by using these easy to customize, pre-made sets.

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