Use Elegant Chess Pieces to Present Strategy, Wins, Losses, and More!

Use Elegant Chess Pieces to Present Strategy, Wins, Losses, and More!

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Strategies, value and tactical processes are difficult to present. Chess pieces are easy to recognize visual metaphor for each of these things. When you use visuals to tell part of your story you can avoid using a lot of text.

When should you use chess piece graphics?

Presenting winning and losing or process planning doesn’t have to be a challenge. Explaining opposing teams or viewpoints doesn’t have to be a slide with a table or overwhelming load of text.

When most people think of chess they think of a strategy. Use this powerful association to your advantage to help your audience follow your message and understand your presentation. Click here to see the full Chess Pieces Graphics set.

Present value comparisons

Growing Value Comparison Chess Pieces Diagram flat icons King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn

Do you need to compare values? Chess have a value associated with them. This makes them excellent tools for comparison slides. Whether you need to compare the value of particular departments or roles in a given project or describing the organization of your company, chess are easy to understand the metaphor.

Make your flow charts more interesting

Increasing Steps Flow Chart of Chess Game Figures

Flow charts are common tools for presentations. Explaining processes and progress is often easier with a flow chart, which is why they are a popular option. You can use chess to better explain the hierarchy of the different stages or steps, and to tie this flow chart with the other chess metaphors in your presentation to make it more cohesive.

Compare 2 teams using chess icons

Two Opposite Teams - Chess Infographic Template

The colors used in this example are bright and vibrant. They are an obvious deviation from the traditional black and white colors we associate with chess pieces. You can easily modify the color scheme to suit your brand or the teams you’re comparing. The important thing is to keep the colors from being too similar to one another. This will help your audience distinguish between them and make the most of the visual metaphor.

Present wins and losses easily

Win/Loose Checkmate Chess Game Illustration

Did one team triumph over another in a recent contest? Did one of your competitors perform better than you in a recent quarter? Using two chess pieces to illustrate a win, and a loss is easy to understand metaphor. By using the text boxes you can add supplementary details about your triumph or defeat in the hopes of doing better next time.

Illustrate different elements or components of a strategy

Elements of Marketing Mix Strategy - example chess pieces

Within your organization, there are likely many different individuals, departments, and teams that work together to achieve common goals. Similarly, there are undoubtedly different marketing and other strategies you employ to give you an edge over your competition. You can explain all of these relationships with chess graphics. Provide supplementary details in the text boxes, and add custom icons to best represent each team, individual, or strategy component.

Using chess piece graphics is a winning strategy

Strategy and planning are abstract concepts. This can make them difficult to present effectively. When you use chess as a metaphor, you use a shortcut that helps your audience follow along immediately. Presenting ideas of opposition, interdependence, value and more are all easier with these professional graphics.

Resource: Chess Pieces PPT Graphics

Chess help you make compelling, impactful slides that will help your audience understand your message. Using beautiful, easy to follow graphics will help keep your audience on the same page. You can make lists more engaging and interesting with chess boards in addition to the pieces. By incorporating variety you can keep your visuals fresh.

Are you tired of using tables and long descriptions in your presentations? Think of how you might incorporate chess graphics to better articulate your ideas. Click here to see the full set:

Chess Pieces PPT Graphics

Need to customize the slides with more personalized or specific icons to represent teams or other elements of the presentation? Check out our new ultimate infographics collection.

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