Use a Pirate Funnel to Present the Effectiveness of Your Customer Funnel

Use a Pirate Funnel to Present the Effectiveness of Your Customer Funnel

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The pirate funnel is great for measuring and presenting the effectiveness of your customer funnel. Another name for the pirate funnel is the AARRR framework. Have you heard of it? It’s an analysis tool helpful for measuring every step of the customer journey and identifies leaks and potential loopholes.

How Can You Use the Pirate Funnel?

Although the AARRR framework was originally designed for startups, companies and corporations can make use of it. It’s called the “Pirate Funnel” because of the way the acronym sounds when said aloud. The name stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. If you need to present on any or all of these phases, compelling visuals will help your audience understand and a clever mnemonic will do a lot to help them retain your message long after the presentation.

Do you know where the leaks and loopholes are in your customer funnel? Analyze your B2B client journey and share the results in an engaging, interesting presentation. See the full Pirate Funnel AARRR graphic set by clicking here.

Explain What a Pirate Funnel Is or What Pirate Metrics Are

Startup “Pirate Metrics” Definition Template

Is your audience already familiar with pirate metrics? If the answer to that question is no, or you aren’t sure then you should play it safe. Set the stage. Provide context for your audience with a definition slide. Explain unfamiliar terms and invite audience participation. Invite them to explain unfamiliar terms before you share the “correct” answer. Invite them to provide examples once you share what terms mean.

Share Interesting and Insightful Quotes

Customer Understanding Quote

Not sure of how to explain something? Unaware of how to get your audience to follow along with a new concept? If you’re unable to come up with a better way to express an idea or explain something, use a pre-existing quote! Sometimes an insightful quote from an industry expert or leader in your field can make a compelling case for your presentation. Utilize them as you need to. They make great launch pads for more complex points.

Explain a Pirate Funnel With a Pirate Ship

5 Questions of AARRR Model - Pirate Ship Illustration

One of the perks of utilizing a framework like AARRR is the ability to utilize fun visual metaphors. “AARRR” is an easy to recall name! How could you forget it’s called a pirate funnel with a name like that? Further deliver your point and message by using a pirate ship illustration. A slide like this could be used to explain what each phase of the AARRR framework is. You can also explain what questions you need to ask in order to link your organization’s customer funnel to the framework. With easy to use, customizable graphics you can use the AARRR framework to suit your needs!

Present AARRR as a Journey

Pirates Treasure Map AARRR Roadmap Diagram

Although the previous slide presented AARRR as a funnel-shaped pirate ship, it doesn’t have to be. The beauty of funnel graphics is that they can also be presented as a trip. Think about it, the funnel represents your customer’s journey. Why wouldn’t you use a roadmap or path to represent it? It is only appropriate that a pirate ship go on a voyage! In this example there is space for headings, in this example used to represent each of the steps of the AARRR framework. The slide offers space for a small description as well as a treasure chest to represent the ultimate destination. How appropriate is it that revenue is a treasure chest, marked with an x?

Present the AARRR Framework as Steps

AARRR Customer Journey Steps Diagramwith Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue phases

The good news is that if you want to utilize the AARRR framework without leaning so heavily into the pirate theme, you can. When designing this set, we made sure to include a variety of graphics and styles. Versatility and flexibility are essential when planning any creative presentation. This slide example utilizes the journey metaphor, but combines it with steps. This will help you keep your presentation interesting and unique. The best part is that despite the multiple levels of metaphor, the slide doesn’t look overcrowded or busy. Think of how you could present your customer experience using these graphics.

Present a Pirate Funnel Without Obvious Pirate References

AARRR Pirate Metrics Funnel Diagramfrom Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral to Revenue Stage

If you think your audience would benefit from a less whimsical visual style, an AARRR funnel will still suit your purposes. Using this professional, modern slide deck makes it easy for your audience to understand the funnel structure. It’s easy to see how each step plays a role in your customer’s experience. The colors in this slide, and in all of the others can be modified to match your brand, your business, or the purpose of your presentation. The icons selected can be tweaked to suit your customer journey, as well. You have complete control.

In addition to offering numerous slides and visual styles to present Pirate Funnels/the AARRR framework, this set also provides you with diagrams to present the RARRA growth model and HEART framework diagrams. Using standard PowerPoint editing tools, you have the freedom and flexibility to create visually striking presentations and clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas.

Resource: StartUp Metrics Pirate AARRR Funnels

Professional presentations need to convey a great deal of information without being busy or overwhelming. Transitioning away from tables and bulleted lists into graphics can help any presenter make a lasting impression. If you want your audience to connect the dots between complex topics or ideas or need to ensure they see the full picture – consider utilizing graphics and diagrams to help make your points.

Whether you want to have fun, playful Pirate Funnels, or rely more heavily on more conventional funnel diagrams, choosing to use graphics instead of boring text-only slides will improve your presentations. Check out the full set by clicking here:

StartUp Metrics Pirate AARRR Funnels

Want to take a different approach with your funnel presentation? Check out our roadmap diagrams for project strategy planning.

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