How to Illustrate Change Concept in a Presentation

How to Illustrate Change in a Presentation [concept visualization]

Last Updated on March 18, 2024 by Rosemary

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about change?  Progress, globalization, climate, growth, development? Let’s switch to visual language! We gathered visualization ideas on how you can illustrate the change concept.

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Change concepts can be used in various ways – as desired change that we can control e.g. by applying tools, knowledge, and resources. Or as something external that we adapt to. The challenge is how to express it in one picture. Let’s see some creative ideas for inspiration.

Expressing the change process by two icons transformation concept

Change concept by two icons transformation for PowerPoint

If you have a bit more space you can illustrate the idea of change by two icons. They can show a transformation of certain states or development of before and after for example. You can see their specific icons highlighting the change idea of a product development, history, or evolution process within time:

Elegant outline symbols for presenting change concept 

Change concept icons symbols outline for PowerPoint

Above we suggest several icon examples from our elegant outline icons collection. Use them to make your product presentation more visual:

Design-neutral flat change concept icons

Change concept icons symbols flat for PowerPoint

Above are icon examples in a modern flat style, that fits any slide style:

Creative unique hand-drawn change icons collection

Change concept icons symbols outline for PowerPoint

Do you have to create a more informal presentation or do you want to make a strong visual impact? Anyway, with the help of hand-made icons, you will definitely show a personal touch:

We hope these change graphics will help you design a nice looking infographic that will make your presentation more engaging and easy to read. 

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More concept icons ideas

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