How to Show Remote Work Idea in a Presentation [concept visualization]

How to Show Remote Work Idea in a Presentation [concept visualization]

Last Updated on July 12, 2022 by Anastasia

Are you presenting the concept, process, or specifics of the remote work? With so many remote workers there is a greater need to present telecommunication topics, time tracking and more. How do you plan to explain the remote work concept? See if our concept visualization ideas can help inspire your next presentation.

Use Flat and Outline Visual Metaphors for a Remote Work Concept Presentation

remote work concept outline symbols visualization
remote work concept flat symbols visualization

Modern, universal remote work concept visual metaphor icons make impactful presentations. They can effectively express ideas in an eye-catching way. Outline icons are clean and visually consistent tools which will improve presentations. See our ideas for remote work concept visualization:

  • Device icons like cameras, telecommunication equipment, and device connections can all represent remote meetings and teleworking.
  • Icons of computers with task management tools and virtual meetings on the screen visualize concepts like time tracking, giving consideration to various time zones, and task management.
  • Use home office icons like cozy armchairs, desks with plants or pets, or even computers in tropical locations to call to mind the benefits from working from home or from anywhere.
  • Suitcase and tropical icons can further explain workcation concepts and working while traveling.

Use Hand-Drawn Icons for Remote Work Concept Presentations

hand drawn symbols remote work concept metaphors

Does your audience value creativity? Is being creative important to your organization? Hand-drawn visual metaphor icons can help you get your ideas together in easy to understand ways. See what we use to visualize remote work ideas in creative ways.

  • Internet connection or WiFi signal icons represent staying connected and working outside of the office.
  • Camera, microphone and computer icons are all essential pieces of technology which represent working remotely, conducting online meetings and teleconferences.
  • Cloud data and apps enable remote work, cloud icons and icons of devices that connect to the internet can help your audience visualize those remote work concepts in your presentation.

Were our ideas for remote work concept presentations helpful? We hope so! Use the visual metaphors we suggested and imagine your own ways to represent these concepts!

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Get Inspired to Present Even More Concepts

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