How to Visualize Outcome in a PPT Presentation

How to Visualize Outcome in a PPT Presentation [concept visualization]

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How often do you need to present a summary, results, or share ideas, connected with an outcome concept? It can be challenging to choose eye-catching, intuitive graphics that will help your audience understand complex or abstract concepts.

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Our designers came up with the icons to help you express outcome concepts without the time-consuming process of creating your own graphics. See if their ideas in this blog can inspire your next presentation!

Hand-drawn outcome concept graphics are perfect for creative presentations

outcome concept hand drawn scribble symbols visualization
  • A sum 100 icon is great for presenting an outcome summary or general conclusion.
  • A flowchart graphic can help your audience conceptualize the results of a project or process.
  • Box icons can call to mind a delivered product.
  • Stars are wonderful visual metaphors for new creations, products, and service outcomes.
  • Use document or report icons with checkmarks to represent project completion or publication.

Outline and flat style outcome concept graphics can improve your formal presentations

outcome concept outline symbols visualization
flat modern icons outlcome concept
  • Use star icons to help your audience visualize new product launches and creative outcomes.
  • A box graphic or circles with a checkmark inside can represent delivered product outcomes.
  • Book, report, and document icons can help you present final publication outcome concepts.
  • A flow chart icon can help your audience visualize the outcomes of a process.
  • Result symbol icons can be used to visualize the process from idea to earning, from the start to the final outcome.

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Explaining big ideas and complex topics is a challenge. Our designers have made many eye-catching, ready-to-use icons to help you! View our Concept Visualization Master List post if you’re struggling to visualize an abstract concept or complicated idea.

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