How to Get Creative Sketchnoting Presentation
Doodling on a paper is a great way to get really creative. I recommend it as a way to start any presentation design process.
But how to move from paper to computer? I put down a few ideas a how you can get creative sketchnoting presentation slides.

Benefits of using creative sketchnoting

Using your own doodling for notetaking has many benefits:
  • drawing stimulates your brain and puts you in a creative mood
  • it’s a way to make notes very quickly
  • helps you to see the big picture and organize your knowledge. It’s much better than just writing text, that is linear by nature.

benefits creative sketchnoting presentation

Moving sketchnoting from paper to presentation slides

The challenge is how to move from paper to presentation slides, if you need to reproduce your doodle notes. It takes time but it can be worth it.
After making your sketched notes on a paper, take a picture of it. Or use a scanner to get better quality.
If you want to reuse your symbols you can vectorize the pictures – change them to an editable vector format.
sketchnoting scan presentation vector
Having such vector symbols allows you to change their color and resize without loosing icon quality.

Examples of sketchnote style slide

Here are some illustrations of doodle-like presentation. Such slides express creativity pretty straightforward way. So having such hand-drawn presentation style your slides will stand out at any meeting or conference.
All those slides were created using only PowerPoint and sketchnote symbols we converted into PowerPoint vector icons. It’s a way to save your time scanning your own pictures.

You can get those Doodle PPT symbols collection on our webpage (click here).

Sketchnoted-like slide examples:

  • Showing how idea spreads and drawing a hand drawn process diagram
  •  Some blackboard version for a change – Unique evaluation table or Supply chain illustration
You can use also simple animation to uncover your slide diagram elements step by step.
See my Slideshare presentation below:

Where to start?

So if you want to express creativity in your presentation, sketchnoting is a way to try. Start doodling. Get inspired by some professional sketchnoters.
Get inspired by some professional sketchnoters. Such as Doug Neill, a friend who runs a great online sketchnoting class at I took the class some time ago and I fully recommend it.
There are plenty of other great resources, such as Doodle Revolution book by Sunny Brown, Sketchnote Army website.

Share with us

Have you done any sketchnoting slide already? Let me know in comments. I’ll be glad to add here some more examples how people do sketchnoted slides.
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